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HOLLYWOOD – After one week on DWTS, Bristol Palin is pregnant again.  Her dance partner is the baby-daddy.

Last week, Bristol Palin took her first steps in rehearsal for her turn in the Dancing With The Stars ballroom. The former first daughter of Alaska joined her partner Mark Ballas at a studio to begin rehearsals for the eleventh season of the hit ABC show. She got close to Mark quickly and… now WWN can confirm that she’s pregnant with his baby.

“Mark and I really clicked and… one step led to another.  I’m pregnant.”   Ballas said that at the first Dancing With The Star rehearsal, he felt a real “soul” connection with Bristol. They went back to his apartment,  made love and… “on the first try we made a baby.”

Dancing With The Stars host, Tom Bergeron told WWN that producers had talked about having a “horizontal dancing” segment on the show but “it was just too risqué,”   Bergeron said. “If there were a competition for that, Bristol and Mark would win hands down. They must really be in sync rhythmically.”

The teenage mother told WWN that “I never got the sex talk from my mother, so it’s not my fault that I have sex all the time and I get pregnant.  She should have told me how it all works.”  Mark Ballas, 24, said that he did get the “sex talk” from his parents and did know how it all works, but he didn’t have time to put on a condom, “We were in the groove. We didn’t want to mess up our routine.”

When Levi Johnston heard about his ex-wife, the “woman-that-gave-me-a-life,” he said, “Mark Ballas is hot.  I would have slept with him, too.  He has great abs. They’re not as good as mine, but they’re good.”  Levi was disappointed that Bristol decided to call Mark Ballas “Baby-Daddy” and that she is calling him “asshat” now.

After learning that Bristol was pregnant again, Sarah Palin told her husband, the First Dude, to make a chastity belt for Bristol.  “She needs to lock that thing up. Throw away the key!”

Producers of Dancing With The Stars are deciding whether to let Bristol continue to compete in the show.  “Technically, there are three of them dancing, and this is a couples competition.

Asked whether he was going to marry Bristol, Mark Ballas simply said, “Dancers don’t get married.  It’s not good for  our footwork.”  Bristol’s other baby, Tripp, was unavailable for comment.  He doesn’t speak yet.  But some observers said they thought they saw him smile, he seemed happy about getting a sibling.