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NEW YORK, NY – After another bomb at the box office, it might be time for one actress to pursue a new direction!

Jennifer Aniston’s new film “The Switch” bombed – we know, shocking! It seems hard to believe that a film about artificial insemination wouldn’t have enough to at least beat out the Twilight spoof – “Vampire’s Suck.” But it didn’t and the movie did really, really bad. The only person hyping the movie up was Aniston herself and she may have just used the movie to share her thoughts on motherhood.

“The Switch” finished eighth in the box office this past weekend. Aniston’s movie finished behind the super-embellished killer piranha movie “Piranha 3D” – that’s adding insult to injury. Aniston can’t catch a break in the movie or men category.

“I think her problems are twofold,” Joe Neumaier respected film critic for the New York Daily News said. “One, Jen’s associated with Rachel from ‘Friends’ that her fans – and maybe Hollywood just don’t want her to give up.”

“But the other issue is choice. Aniston may have a limited range, but in edgier movies like ‘Office Space,’ ‘The Good Girl,’ and ‘Friends with Money,’ she flourished by leaving her comfort zone. Jen needs to get the hell out of the romantic comedy world.”

Aniston may have seen the light and Weekly World News has learned that she is working on a new, edgy project. Her leading man? None other than Bat Boy.

Not much is known about the project, but producers have said that it should be packed with suspense and thrills. From what we know, Aniston is to play a college professor who possesses a rare book in her collection that leads the way to a powerful ancient artifact. A radical and crazed group catches wind of this, but so does Bat Boy. The two must work together to keep the book and the artifact out of the wrong hands.

“We think that ever since ‘The Breakup’ with Vince Vaughn, Jennifer Aniston has gone downhill with her movie career,” said one of the producers tied to the new project. “This new project is coming together very nicely and we get goosebumps everyday that goes by on it. It should be packed with action and suspense and Aniston may have the leading man necessary to resurrect her acting career.”

Bat Boy’s spokeswoman said that he loved the mystery the film brings – you don’t know what’s going to happen next and it’s going to be full of twists and turns. Bat Boy’s life is a mystery itself. Not much is known about America’s favorite mutant, but he seems to have a presence all over the world.

“Bat Boy is excited to show his range as an entertainer,” the spokeswoman said. “Bat Boy is very creative and artistic and loves to perform. He is also a big fan of Jennifer Aniston’s and he’s excited to be working alongside her.”