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NEW YORK, NY – A member of the Weekly World News family just missed out on a high profile role!

John Wayne is a legend, and icon – no two ways about it. The Duke, known for his distinct voice and walk, epitomized rugged masculinity and his roles were always fan favorites. One of those memorable roles came as Rooster Cogburn in the 1969 film, True Grit. The film won the actor his only Oscar. The remake, produced by the Coen brothers, is set to release December 25, 2010 and rumors were swirling as to who would play Wayne’s role.

That honor and privilege ultimately went to Jeff Bridges, fresh off his Oscar win for his role in Crazy Heart. The Duke has been replaced by the Dude.

First glimpses at the Coen brother’s project reveal some noticeable differences between the Dude and the Duke. Bridges looks ornery and weathered, and is sporting a beard and wearing the infamous eye patch on his right eye. Wayne, on the other hand, wore his eye patch on his left eye as a tribute to his friend John Ford and was resolutely clean-shave due to being a staunch Republican.

Jeff Bridges’ credentials make him a worthy candidate to fill the Duke’s shoes, but he wasn’t handed the job. He still had to beat out some competition for the role, and one of those individuals he beat out was none other than Ed Anger – a member of the Weekly World News family.

Anger is starting to creep out from under the rock and leave his isolation. As you may already know, he is in consideration for Steve Carell’s role in The Office. Anger fits the profile of Wayne exceptionally well and the chance to compete was offered to the angry right-winger.

“We saw Anger as an unexpected but ideal fit for the iconic John Wayne role,” said Joel Coen. “He certainly has the passion that Wayne possessed, and he had that masculinity that we were looking for. Unfortunately, we felt that going with a little more experience, such as Jeff fresh off his Oscar win, would be supremely beneficial to the film. We’ll certainly keep Anger in mind for future projects.”

Anger was upset over missing out on the role – for all of a minute. Anger doesn’t dwell on the past, but rather finds something else to get mad at quickly.

“I’m madder than Kim Kardashian without a picture of her cleavage,” Anger said. “Whatever, it’s their loss. I’m over it. What’s with all this social media mumbo jumbo? Seems like a mind control tool! And what is with the Jets not signing Darrelle Revis? Are they stupid?! I would say yes!”

Looks like Ed Anger is going to be just fine.