MARYSVILLE, CA – Ted Nugent pleaded guilty to killing a defenseless deer.  Bigfoot didn’t like that and is coming for Ted!
Happy animal-killing rocker Ted Nugent pleaded no contest in Marysville, Calif., courtroom to bagging a defenseless deer on a reality TV show using illegal hunting tactics. A lawyer for the 61-year-old rocker entered a no-contest plea on Nugent’s behalf in Yuba County Superior Court to misdemeanor counts of baiting a deer and failing to acquire an authorized signature to confirm the kill’s legality.
A game warden witnessed him target a deer too young to be hunted and Nugent was charged with unlawful hunting. Bigfoot was nearby and saw the whole thing.  Bigfoot is not happy.  Bigfoot now has set his sights on hunting and killing Ted Nugent.  It appears that Bigfoot will be using whatever tactics (legal or illegal) to do so.
Nugent shot a spiked buck, which is an illegal buck to take, because it’s too small. And he had it right there on television, and it wasn’t live, it was taped,” said Dave de Andrade a spokesman for California Fish and Game.  “He used deer bait called “C’mere Deer” to lure his trophy. Under California law, enticing animals with bait for hunting purposes is illegal.”
Bigfoot has a catchy slogan, too:  “Dead Ted.”
Bigfoot told WWN, through our in-house beast translator, that he will not be using any bait to catch the Motor City Moron.  Bigfoot will just hunt him down and rip him to shreds.
Nugent did not talk to the press after his courtroom appearance, but he did tell a guy in the urinal next to him (Frank Lake of WWN), “I see a Bambi, I kill a Bambi. That’s just the way it goes, brother… Remember, shake twice.”  When he was told that Bigfoot was hunting him Nugent said, “Good cause, I’m hunting him.  Let the best madman win!”
Here’s Nugent talking about his love for hunting and fishing and… bait.

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