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SAN FRANCISCO, CA– Today is World Water Day. To celebrate, daring eco-adventurer David de Rothschild has set sail on a raft of plastic bottles. The Plastiki, an lightweight catamaran, left the docks Saturday for a 100-day voyage from San Francisco to Sydney, Australia. Their mission is to document and clean up marine debris, including the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. De Rothschild,  plans to clean up the garbage patch using an ingenious combination of wet/dry vac and submersible pump. First mate, Wes Rydell said, “We are like ocean janitors. We’re going to take the Pacific Garbage Patch head on.”

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch formed several years ago when ocean currents picked up floating surface garbage and swirled them into a subtropical gyre vortex. The patch is roughly the size of the city of Cleveland. The swirling refuse whirlpool reportedly contains: stray hightop sneakers, raw sewage, light bulbs, syringes, and hundreds of copies of Regis Philbin CDs.