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JAPAN – The Golden Arches and Ronald McDonald will be using a surprising tool to train its staff!

McDonalds is known across the globe as a leader in the fast food market. Their Golden Arches are unmistakable and their food has satisfied millions of customers. They’re always looking to maximize efficiency and the Japanese branches will be getting a tool to aid in that quest.

It comes as no surprise that the Japanese love their video games and the Nintendo DS is the latest craze. Food preparation games like Cooking Mama are available for the DS and McDonald’s sees that as a good thing. The fast-food chain and Nintendo have struck a deal that will see the handhelds as training tools for their “chefs.”

McDonald’s is hoping that the nationwide initiative will cut staff training time by half. It’s reported that the initiative will cost approximately 200 million yen ($2.2m).

The devices will “teach various kitchen tasks like deep-frying potatoes and how to interact with customers,” claims McDonald’s. Each restaurant will receive two Nintendo DS consoles along with the software package.

If the plan doesn’t go accordingly, at least the employees will be entertained during off-peak hours. That should be at least an overall positive for employee spirits and morale.