ENGLAND – Miss England 2009 has given the beauty pageant its marching orders for the future!
Katrina Hodge is known by those closest to her as “Combat Barbie.” That is because she is a serving member of the British Army and holds the rank of Corporal. Hodge also holds another title in that she is the current Miss England. She has made a bold request and asked beauty pageant judges to scrap the swimsuit competition round and in it’s place add in a sports challenge.
“I think it’s nerve-racking enough for girls to get up on a stage and speak, let along appear in a swimsuit,” Hodge told Britain’s Telegraph.
Her pleas have not fallen on deaf ears and it is apparently reported that she has convinced judges to cut the swimsuit competition. The 2010 Miss England pageant will replace it with a sports portion. Hodge has expressed interest in running the sports section of the pageant. Men across England certainly let out a collective groan upon hearing the news.
Regardless, Hodge has made a great step in making pageants more about what women have to offer aside from their bodies. Speaking of bodies. Hodge is the cover girl for underwear company La Senza. She has also been hired by dating site Uniform Dating, which helps military personnel find love.
“Combat Barbie” will continue to fight the good fight and while at the same time crushing the hopes of millions of men. Recording the 2010 Miss England pageant is most likely not a priority for men.

Goodbye swimsuit competition…

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