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SANTA FE, NM – An American woman craves sex 24 hours a day – because of a car accident!

Joleen Baughman, 39, was hurt in a car crash two years ago, when a man on drugs hit her pickup truck head on. She suffered severe injuries and was in the hospital for weeks.

After about six months, Baughman began to notice a strange side effect. What she didn’t know was that a nerve in her pelvis was damaged, which happened to be the one controlling her sexual arousal!

Her husband was initially excited about his wife’s new-found sex drive. However, despite copious amounts of intercourse, he was exhausted and she never felt any release.

It was not until she went to see a doctor that the damaged nerve was discovered. She was officially diagnosed with Restless Genital Syndrome, also called Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome.

“I was very relieved to find out my condition was not psychological,” Baughman said. “For a while I thought I was going crazy or that it was somehow my fault.

“I think a lot of people go through those thoughts with this condition. Being aroused pretty much 24-hours a day is exhausting.”