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A personal crisis may be painful, but it can also benefit you, says an expert.

“Although a crisis brings pain and unhappiness, it can also lead to good things – closer ties to loved ones as well as increased self-confidence,” declared Dr. Walter O’Connell.

“A crisis is painful while it’s happening, but it gives you the opportunity to develop your strengths.”

A personal crisis could be either a death, divorce, injury, illness or loss of job.

“However, just about any stressful experience can bring on a personal crisis, depending on how you perceive and handle it,” explained pyschologist, Dr. O’Connell.

Here are three ways a crisis can be good for you, according to Dr. O’Connell:

1. It can boost your self-esteem because you were strong enough to weather the difficulty.

A crisis often brings out your best. “Most of us are capable of rising to meet the challenges of life.

“The more problems we encounter and resolve, the greater our feelings of self-worth and self-esteem.

“As you handle each new experience, you’ll gain confidence and poise.”

2. A personal crisis can strengthen the bonds between you and your family and friends. It’s natural during times of trouble to reach out to people in your life.

When you confide your worries to family members or friends, they comfort you and offer you sympathy or advice, and this sharing brings you closer to them.

3. Getting through a crisis signals the start of a new era of hope and opportunity. It’s the culmination of a stressful period in your life, so it signals the beginning of the end of the rough time.

“When you resolve difficult personal problems, you are ready to face new opportunities, to build a new life that’s right to you.”