MIAMI, FL – Doctors in Florida have used a blind woman’s tooth to help her see again.
Specialists at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine have announced that they are the first to use a person’s tooth to restore sight. It’s called modified osteo-odonto-keratoprosthesis.
The patient is Sharron Thornton, who went blind nine years ago from Stevens-Johnson syndrome. It caused her eyes to severely scar, leaving her legally blind.
Doctors discovered only the surface of her eyes was effected, and that the inside was still functional.
“This is a patient where the surface of the eye is totally damaged — no wetness, no tears,” said Dr. Victor L. Perez. “So we kind of recreate the environment of the mouth in the eye.”
They did this by removing one of her teeth, and implanting some of the dental tissue directly into the eye. The tissue is shaped to create a new cornea.
They also used a small portion of her cheek to create the soft tissue around her pupil.
Finally, the tooth itself was modified and implanted to support a prosthetic lens.
Using so much of her own tissue lowers the risk of rejection of the transplants.
From the moment Thornton opened her eyes, she has been able to see moderately well, with a vision of 20/70. Doctors are hoping to apply similar procedures to those with chemical burns, and soldiers who return home scarred.

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21 thoughts on “TOOTH IN EYE SURGERY”

  1. God has known all along about the "eye" tooth. We have just managed to figure it out. I can only imagine what other things are available that we don't know about yet.

    • Actually much longer ago and I believe in Italy. OOKP has been around for about 40 years….another example of slow sensational news reporting. For Ryder above…."science at finest" a generation ago. It is science attempting to replicate what God made…..and a poor job of it at that. As it is said, imitation is the purest form of flattery.

    • No. This only works by creating basically a new light conduit when the eye was damaged by scaring and a dry surface. Damage to the cornea. Diabetics usually have excessive growth of blood vessels or bleeding that clouds the internal visual centers.

  2. The doctors will do the eye-in-tooth surgery and admit to it, but they won't tell you about the nose-in-ear surgery that restores hearing if you lost it with an eardrum explosion. Worked for my Aunt Rita, it could work for you if they didn't keep it locked up.

  3. No. Diabetics lose their sight due to RETINA damage. That is damage to the back surface of the eye. This procedure was to correct a scarred cornea, which is the front surface of the eye.

  4. You have that right Van. God gave man the intelligence to explore and develop all sorts of scientific methods. Like the old saying goes, "If God had wanted man to fly He would have given him wings." I always say , "If God had NOT intended man to fly, He would not have given us the brains to figure out how to fly."

  5. "god" given knowledge? the only thing god provides is hatred, violence and delusion.
    Mankind will never be able to recognize its own achievements as long as religious freaks continue to surrender their lives to an imaginary man, making him responsible for everything…
    Don't pray in my school, and i won't think in your church….

  6. It is sad so many "God" people resort to insulting those who do believe. It would be better to be tactful especially if someone discounts your beliefs. Either way, it's special no matter how you see it leading up this event.

  7. "And God said, "Let there be light," and there was light." – Genisis 1:3. Now, go and read what PROF. DAVID L. BLOCK (World renowned astronomer; explained Hawkings theories to Nelson Mandela) says that verse means. He provides a scientific explanation of what that bible verse means. Genisis was written a helluva long time ago, don't forget that…
    Block just proved that God exists:) Everything is mathematically linked as well… And science involves a lot of math.
    It is ironic… I, a 16-year old, know that there are things I don't know and will never understand, Just too bad some of you numskulls (probably 4 or 5 times my age) don't know it that you don't know.

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