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Weekly World News is proud to announce the first ever iPhone and iPod touch application!

For the first time ever, you can download the finest and most hysterical Weekly World News covers straight to your iPhone or iPod Touch without ever having to go to the supermarket!


The Weekly World News app is fully loaded with all your favorite iconic covers — Bat Boy, The Redneck Vampire, Bigfoot’s Baby, World’s Biggest Baby, The Woman Who Slept With 5 Presidents and many more!


And now, YOU can plaster yourself or a friend right into the most shocking headlines on the cover of Weekly World News! The effortless interface excerpts your face from any photo, renders it in glorious black and white, and adds you to newspaper history! Now, YOU can help The Weekly World News rip the lid off the secret scandals that the mainstream press doesn’t want US to know!

Own a piece of this singular cultural touchstone by carrying this Weekly World News cover archive in your pocket … and make yourself famous (or INFAMOUS!) by taking center stage on the most preposterous news covers of all time.

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