SALT LAKE CITY, UT – A seven year old boy decided to skip Sunday church – and steal a car for a joyride!
The Plain City boy, unidentified due to his age, decided he was not interested in attending Sunday morning church. Instead, he somehow stole his father’s white Dodge Intrepid and went for a ride!
After running a stop sign and almost hitting another car, local police were notified and they attempted to apprehend him. However, even while trying to block the car, the boy was able to elude them!
“Another deputy from the other direction pulled into the intersection and stopped to block the intersection, turned on his lights,” said Cpt. Clint Anderson of the Weber County Sheriff’s Office. “Instead of stopping the car, this white Intrepid turned down another street.”
The police finally caught up to him after the boy returned home and ran inside to hide. His father asked him where he had been and the child admitted to his illegal joyride.
Check out footage of his driving below:


2 thoughts on “7 YEAR OLD STEALS CAR”

  1. a 7year old playing grand theft auto? anyway i feel sorry for the cops when they found out it was a 7 year old who made them look like idiots.


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