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LOS ANGELES, CA – Octomom Nadya Suleman has just signed a deal for she and all 14 children to star in a reality show.  The show will feature the children competing for basic necessities and their mother’s love.

During the show Suleman’s 14 children will all compete for food, toys, top bunks, and the ultimate prize of “Mommy’s Favorite.”  On camera the children will engage in contests including clean rooms, macaroni art, hand-made mother’s day cards, and adorable pictures.  Each week’s winner will get an extra “play date” with their mother and a larger portion at meal time.  The rest of the children will face the Jungle Gym of Doom, and whoever is last to crawl over the finish line will be eliminated from the show.

Suleman is being paid per child, per episode by Eyeworks Studios for the yet unnamed series.  She has admitted considering adding to her brood of 14 children.  With filming set to begin in September she would not have time to gestate another litter for the first season, but may do so to be ready for the second, or consider adopting.  Producers suggest adopting half a dozen children from some random African country could add an interesting racial dynamic to the show and are actively encouraging her to do so.

Nadya Suleman’s publicist insists that the signing of this deal is purely for the sake of the children.  “With the income this show generates, Nadya will be able to provide for each and every one of her many children.  15 percent of all money that comes in will go straight into trust funds for the children.  Only a small amount will be spent on plastic surgery and fertility treatments for the mother.”

Suleman herself was photographed getting celebratory botox injections after the signing, but refused to officially comment.  Her forthcoming show will be seen on the BBC.