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GUATEMALA – Archaeologists have unearthed large carved panels in the jungles of northern Guatemala, that seem to depict two beings surrounding a UFO!

The panels were dug up on the site of El Mirador, the largest known Mayan city ever excavated. Dr. Richard Hansen, the director of the Mirador Basin Project, dated the panels to around 300 BC, when the city was at its peak.


Dr. Hansen is speculating that the above panel is of the famous Hero Twins of Mayan mythology. One of the Twins is in possession of a decapitated head (on top of the right figure’s thigh), which is likely that of their beheaded father, Hun Hunahpu. The other figure has a headdress with jaguar features, identifying him as Xbalanque, which means “Young Jaguar Sun”.

However, while Mayan mythology and architecture is ripe with serpents and celestial deities, UFOlogists are certain these panels reference contact with extraterrestrials! They believe the two beings are not of this Earth, that their outfits are more technological than decorative, and could have acted as atmosphere transformers or translation tools. The item in the middle, if looked at from a tilt, appears to be a craft, with multiple protusions like a cockpit and landing gear.

Mayan culture has long been a focus for alien and UFO experts, due to their astronomy-heavy mythology and advanced mathematics understanding. The Ancient Astronaut theory attributes their knowledge to contact with extraterrestrials.