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NEW YORK – Bat Boy fans, take to the streets!  The mutant’s balloon has been removed from the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

A spokesman for the Macy’s Company announced today that they were removing a Bat Boy balloon from the parade in order to make room for a performance by Lady Gaga.

In a statement released this afternoon, parade coordinators said that the Bat Boy balloon, which was a hit in last year’s parade was being taken out.  It spanned over 13 feet and depicted the winged creature biting the head off a goat, was “too politically incorrect” and that “seeing Bat Boy fly over the streets of New York might cause a health concern for parade spectators.  They were concerned that the crowds may get too excited.

“We were afraid that people might catch a glimpse of the Bat Boy balloon and become overwhelmed with excitement,” said George Childress, a parade supervisor. “Last year, when we introduced the balloon, two people fainted and another started inexplicably bleeding from the neck. We can’t have that happen again.”

photo by Boy Mack


In New York, supporters of the blood-sucking mutant took to the streets in protest.

“This is outrageous!” said Steve Zimmerman, a Brooklyn-based lawyer and avid Weekly World News fan. “Bat Boy is a national hero! He’s been there for us through all of America’s ups and downs. He deserves to be in that parade, and I’m not resting until he is!”

Protesters marched down Broadway this morning, carrying picket signs and chanting pro-Bat Boy slogans as a sign of their disapproval.

Though no one was injured during the protests, protesters were seen overturning cars and setting fire to nearly a dozen storefronts.

“I think Macy’s is making a huge mistake,” said Mike Degrazio, a New York City policeman. “People love Bat Boy, they’re crazy about him. If Macy’s doesn’t put Bat Boy back into that parade, we’re going to have a serious riot on our hands.”

Several celebrities have voiced their support of the Bat Boy balloon, including Sean Penn, Derek Jeter, The Rock, and Megan Fox.

Even WWN’s own PhD Ape chimed in on the debate.

“It is in my sincerest opinion that the large, inflatable balloon depicting the likeness of Bat Boy should be included in the Thanksgiving Day parade,” he wrote on his website. “The Macy’s company should top acting like a bunch sissy-nannies and give Bat Boy the respect he deserves!”

As of press time, Macy’s officials have yet to announce whether or not they plan to reinstate the Bat Boy balloon into the parade.

The Weekly World News is asking its readers to take to the web and show your support! Start a Facebook group! Tweet your friends! Wear your T-Shirts proudly! Show the world that Bat Boy belongs in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! Mutants should get the recognition they deserve!

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PHOTOS by WWN Photographer BOY MACK.