I’m madder than Al Sharpton with a busted bullhorn! What the? Now they tell us the big census has the word “Negro” in it!
For fifty years, my grandkids have been telling me to stop saying “Negro” — and now the government’s using it?!
Who got elected President, anyhow? Al Jolson? Jackie Robinson??
If we had a Jew President, would the forms say “Heeb”? I’m more mixed up than ever!
Will everybody make up their mind? If everybody keeps changing the word we’re supposed to use for them, how will we know what names to call them when we’re mad at them??
Instead of being mad about “Negro”, the libs are mad at Glenn Beck again. They’re making fun of him for saying he doesn’t have a lot of “African-American” friends.
Well ok: how many rightwing friends do libs have? Hell, how many MORMON friends to liberals have? I don’t see many New York commie pinkos heading to Utah on vacation, or listening to Mormon Tabernacle Choir records, or wearing their pants down low so you can see their magic underwear!
Those libs are such a bunch of hypocrites!
Anyhow, when the census comes around, I say we all write “American-American” on the paper! That’s the only thing a red, white and blue blooded patriot should be!

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