NEW YORK, NY – KFC has been accused of racism after a suspect Australian ad made its way to the United States.
The Australian KFC ad has stirred up controversy in the U.S. after it was posted on YouTube. The ad features a white man looking uncomfortable in an all-black sports audience.
He turns to the camera and asks, “Need a tip when you’re stuck in an awkward situation?” He then begins to pass out fried chicken to the surrounding crowd.
Americans have seen it as reference to the racial stereotype that all black people eat fried chicken. However, KFC Australia has defended the ad, saying it was being misinterpreted in a different culture.
“It is a light-hearted reference to the West Indian cricket team,” KFC said. “The ad was reproduced online in the US without KFC’s permission, where we are told a culturally-based stereotype exists, leading to the incorrect assertion of racism.”
Australia and the West Indies are rival cricket teams, which lends some credence to KFC’s defense.
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  1. "Some credence"? Wow, Maleeka Spriggs, you are so generous. This is one of a series of ads all with the same premise: the same man is prevented from watching the cricket in peace due to interuptions from someone else, including his flatmates. In the other ads it is white people being bribed with the chicken. Search for the ads on you tube.

    • Here’s some curious case of Indian Cricket Team. There’s some of suggestion to see the cricket match. There also some suggestion how Indian Cricket will improve in world and home country. Discuss about cheerleaders, players retirement, about IPL etc.

  2. When an Australian sees this add he, or she, does not see a white guy surrounded by black people. All we see is an Australian Cricket fan surrounded by the supporters of the opposing team.
    Had we been playing against England at the time, the ad would have shown the guy surrounded by members of the English supporters who call them selves "The Barmy Army". Would you consider this racist? NO.
    The definition of racial discrimination is treating the members of another race, differently than you would treat members of your own.
    So tell me, how is it racism to share some food with a group of people, just because their skin happens to be black? The real test would be, would you share the same food with people who happen to be from the same race as you. If you wouldn’t then that would be racist. But I would, as would almost all Australians.
    Just because America has a predefined racial image that associates people with black skin and fried chicken doesn't mean that the rest of the world does. That is an American preconception not an Australian one.

  3. What a stir you lot have caused!! You need to understand cricket and the friendly rivalries between cricketing nations before you make ANY comment. The West Indian supporters are great, and yes they can be noisy, as can we all. We all end up sitting as a mixed bunch at the game, not Aussies here and Windies, Indians, Pakistanis, English, Bangladesh, Kiwis there, hence the "awkward situation". There is always some "sledging" between the players from EVERY cricket team, it's normal, not racist. Start accepting people for who they are, not for the colour of their skin or their "minority group". I'm glad to see the poll results showing it's a cultural thing. Chill out and laugh at yourself a little, it's very refreshing!

  4. Nothing racist at all. It's disheartening to see that some folks still don't have a grasp on what is racially insensitive or not. Black folk being on the same screen as fried chicken doesn't automatically equal racism.
    As a Black man, I think this story is kind of funny. I doubt that any Black person ever complained about this commercial.


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