I’m madder than a vampire under a sun lamp!
Why did we bother saving these Euro-weenies from Hitler and Stalin when they all just turn around and make themselves into commies?
Every millionaire moron on earth is going to one of those foreign places to talk about that “global warming” scam. Al Gore and his friends will sit around coming up with more stupid ideas about how to “save the planet” – which is another way of figuring out how they can get richer off the rest of us.
Turns out that so many rich guys are going to this big meeting that they’ve had to bring in EXTRA LIMOUSINES for them all! That’s right: we’re all supposed to ride bicycles in the snow to save the world, but the big shots get driven around in gas guzzling limos!
A hundred of these guys are even flying over there in private planes! I guess they have special airplanes that run on unicorn farts or something.
The funniest part is: all the hookers in the country say they’re gonna give away their “services” FREE to all the big shots at this meeting.
No wonder Europe is such a mess: their own hookers don’t even understand capitalism!
The only ones making any money will be some guy smart enough to sell fake conference nametags for every guy within a hundred miles!
Anyway, I say this is our chance to shut up these tree huggers once and for all. Just drop a bomb on the country while they’re all in one place.
Problem solved! I’d give ‘em some “global warming” to talk about, let me tell you!

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  1. yeah, and what about the half of the US driving around in gas guzling SUV's. ever tought of that, retard
    and atleast we do try to fix the environment problem, not like the US wich is tthe biggest polluter in the world (Pollution > Carbon dioxide 1999 (most recent) by country #1 United States: 1,499,850 tons)
    and yet again: the common dumb american says: let's nuke them, cuz they are un american
    it's by people like you, that confirms my image of all americans being dumb

  2. Umm. You ARE aware that Ed Anger is a long time favorite commentator at Weeky World News? I have been laughing and enjoying his(?) rants for 30 years. I would have loved to worked in "his" office helping to write such things.
    Oh, excuse me, duir. Let me write to your level…"Eye tought AmeriKKKa is badd and evli. Cuz Eye r a lo-grad maroon.

  3. first learn how verbs are correctly made, then try to comment on my level of intelligence.
    i'm not even an american, and i still write better than you.
    but did you even bother to read my comment? and wich points i am making?
    truly if you had a rational mind, you'd see a lot of his writings are plain retarded.
    ex: Why did we bother saving these Euro-weenies from Hitler and Stalin when they all just turn around and make themselves into commies?
    seriously, what is wrong with this guy.


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