I’m madder than a tomcat at a flea circus! Turns out even Obama’s aunt misses President W!
The Teleprompter Kid’s long lost relative –- the crippled lady who lives in the projects -– says she loves President Bush, and has a framed picture of him on the mantlepiece and everything!
Now I hear an A-rab reporter threw a shoe at the other A-rab reporter who threw the shoe at Bush. Remember that? Well, this NEW A-rab shoe guy says the OLD A-rab shoe guy embarrassed the whole A-rab world when he threw that shoe.
That’s a pretty big deal because from what I can make out, because usually “embarrassing the whole A-rab world” means they make plans to kill you like they did that funny looking writer, but just end up killing each other!
I tell you, that A-rab religion is a LOT different than, say, us Baptists, who just get back at each other by bringing a store bought pie to the church basement raffle or something.
Anyhow, I’m mad at all these people suddenly coming out of the woodwork like roaches and saying, “Oh yeah! I LOVED President Bush! Didn’t YOU??”
These are the same people who called him retarded for eight years even though they also said he had the magical ability to start tornadoes and make buildings fall down! That’s some moron!
I can’t make out what makes these idiots tick. I always loved W. and do reporters come and talk to me about it?? Hell no –- and unlike Aunt Obama, I’m a real taxpaying American citizen, dammit!

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