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GAKONA, AK – The U.S. government took over a high frequency research program which looks at how to manipulate our atmosphere. Why?
The original patents for the technology were submitted by ARCO Power Technologies Incorporated, a subsidiary of an oil company called Atlantic Richfield Company. The initial idea was to manipulate the ionosphere in order to communicate with submarines deep in the ocean.
HAARP, or High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, would use a focused electromagnetic beam on the ionosphere, which is the electrically-charged area surrounding the Earth. The signals would then bounce back down to wherever it was directed on the planet.
The research program sits near Gakona, Alaska, a relatively uninhabited part of the state. It will eventually house 180 antenna units that will be used to test if the ionosphere can be changed for improved communication.
However, some believe the military is up to more than they say. With the ability to shoot over 3.5 million watts of radio waves to heat the ionosphere, the results from misuse could be devastating.
Some fear the technology could evolve into a weapon, if it hasn’t already. It could potentially be used for destroying missiles or satellites, disrupting another country’s communication abilities, and even change weather patterns, all by manipulating the atmosphere.
Still others hold concern for the possibility of mental disruption, as manipulating the electrically-charged atmosphere over a specific region could impair a very large population of humans.
HAARP purports itself to be harmless, stating that it is very open to unauthorized scientists as well as civilians visiting the facilities. But critics are not satisfied.
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