Turns out that big time movie star Angelina Jolie hates the Communist-in-Chief!
She even called him a “socialist” – and she means it in a bad way!
OK, she says Obama is a “socialist in disguise” and if you ask me he’s not wearing a disguise, but let’s take what we can get.
Angelina Jolie says Obama is turning America into one giant welfare bum and she’s not happy about it!
Funny: when Glenn Beck calls Obama a commie, he gets called “crazy” and “dangerous.” Sure, Beck doesn’t have big puffy lips and hair and boobs (give it time) but that’s not the point. What will Angelina’s Hollywood pals say about this?
The thing is, Angelina Jolie IS crazy and dangerous! From what I’ve found out standing in line at the supermarket, she’s got tattoos everywhere and used to be married to some freak and she kissed her own brother on the lips on the TV! Plus she knows karate!
You can do all that stuff in Hollywood and that means you’re just an “artiste”!
But the one thing you can’t do in Hollywood is mess with the Teleprompter Kid. How will Angelina afford to buy more little African kids to play with, if movie moguls only let her make infomercials for zit cream at three in the morning from now on?
Here’s why I’m confused: she’s a pretty lady with lots of kids and a good looking husband who makes lots of money – and she doesn’t like the Communist in Chief.
Doesn’t that sound like Sarah Palin to you?
Old Ed Anger hasn’t gone to a movie since The Green Berets came out, but I might have to spring for a ticket to Angelina’s next one, dammit! We tea partiers gotta stick together!

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