Famous pre-verts have had a rough week! First Romaine Pollackski, now that Letterman guy.
He’s on way past my bedtime, so I don’t really follow him, and he always struck me as a bucktooth jackass, but I hear he got caught fooling around with ladies at the office.
I thought that was A-OK after Clinton, but I guess not. It’s hard to tell right and wrong these days, but from what I’m picking up, you can do whatever you want as long as you’re a big Hollywood type.
I guess even more idiots are gonna sign up for those “make me famous” shows now. Not only do you get a record deal, but you also get a free pre-vert for life pass!
It’s like being a registered sex offender, but in a GOOD way, see? Instead of those radar ankle bracelets, you get an Oscar.
They better give all those singing shows new names like “America’s Next Top Horndog”!
Or if you’re a lady, you can just go to teacher’s college then fool around with the high school quarterback. Not being of the female persuasion and all, I don’t get what these females see in these teenaged boys, unless there’s some kinda kinky acne fetish I never heard of.
I thought I’d heard about them all while I was in the service overseas, from ping pong balls to poop. But Clearasil? That’s a new one on me!
I guess it just proves how behind the times old Ed is. In the olden days, we’d go to bed and watch Johnny Carson. Now the late night guy’s the one in bed!
Too bad Mr. Worldwide Pants forgot to keep his on!

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