NEW YORK, NY – David Letterman has come forward and admitted another affair, with the World’s Fattest Cat.

Letterman is currently at the heart of a scandal involving attempted blackmail.  David Letterman has come forward admitting to an affair in the late 90’s with Tonya the Worlds Fattest Cat.  Weekly World News has uncovered photos and details of their illicit affair.
The two met on Letterman’s show when Tonya was bringing several of her old ladies to do a Stupid Human Tricks segment.  The two hit it off backstage and began their illicit affair.  Due to the inter-species nature of their relationship they kept it a secret.  After tapings of his show, the two would meet for dinner around New York City. According to sources they would often go to a place in Chinatown that offered “all you can eat dumplings.”  Once they had finished a typically 6 hour romantic dinner, sources say they would make passionate love in the back of Letterman’s limousine.
With news becoming public recently David Letterman admitted publicly his affairs over the years.  Most shocking and unexpected was his affair with the World’s Fattest Cat.  Said Letterman of the incident “I’m not proud of what I did, but I don’t regret a moment of it.”
Tonya and her lawyers are in talks with the Lifetime Channel to have the story turned into a TV movie.

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  1. “Dave’s as funny as he’s ever been,” More like “as funny as he ever will be”, he’s a cheap liberal comic. His monologue/jokes are just make fun of some conservative thing or person and all the liberals in the audience clap like the bobbing head dogs.His is not a has been but a never was.


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