SOUTH AFRICA – Spain had some extra help in winning the World Cup!
Spain came into the World Cup as one of the favorites to win the tournament. Then they lost their opening match to Switzerland. Almost instantly, everyone wrote them off, claiming that no previous World Cup champion had won it all losing their opening match. Spain defied the odds, lived up to the expectations – for once – and lifted the cup for the first time in the country’s history.
Spain’s soccer was poetry in motion. Its method was everything that is good about soccer: fluid movement, crisp passing and a determination to keep the ball on the ground instead of hoofing it forward aimlessly. This Spain team showcased a star-studded roster, but without leadership and direction, all that talent would have been wasted. The leadership and direction for this team came from none other than Bat Boy himself!
Spain often held closed-door training sessions during the tournament, but Weekly World News had an “inside man” present. Thanks to its connections to Bat Boy, WWN was aware of his influence on the Spanish side. America’s favorite mutant helped Spain achieve soccer’s greatest glory with his expert tutelage.
“When Spain lost its opening match, the soccer world was shocked, but Bat Boy expected it,” said his rep. “Bat Boy knew the weight of expectations on Spain affected their focus and the team played tentative and scared – scared of failing.”
After that loss, Bat Boy unleashed a tirade of screaming, groaning and stomping on the ground like a child. The team was moved – regardless of the lack of clear communication – because they knew what Bat Boy was hinting at. The team had to play the soccer they knew they could. Simple, but beautiful. The perfect blend of passion and heart mixed with skill and talent. Bat Boy inspired them to block out the expectations and just go out their and win.
“Bat Boy was truly a blessing for this team,” an anonymous Spanish player told WWN. “He moved this team to be great and was a guiding force. I honestly don’t think this team is a World Cup champion without Bat Boy.”
After the celebrations died down, the team looked for Bat Boy, but he was nowhere to be found. All that was left of him was a note in their locker room – with illegible chicken scratch. The team knew what it said, “I’m proud of you.” and smiled. Bat Boy’s job was done and he was on the road again looking for his newest adventure.


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