MIAMI, FL – Lingerie Football league has laid down the law on its players for not following protocol!
The LFL doesn’t leave much for the imagination as its whole concept is to show as much skin as possible. Players in the league make it more about “bare skin” rather than “pig skin” and that keeps the founders and sponsors happy. Two stars forgot the league’s purpose and now find themselves in hot water.
In a recent photo shoot for Miami New Times quarterback Anonka Dixon and receiver Tina Caccavale of the Miami Caliente donned shoulder pads. The images made it onto the cover and were subsequently placed on probation because they wore too much clothing.
The players were guilty of wearing non-sponsored league gear, according to LFL spokesperson Stephon McMillen.
“One of the covers has an NFL logo and they had on Rawlings shoulder pads and Nike wristbands,” he said. “They were displaying non-league partners. It’s a legal issue for us.”
Dixon and Caccavale will be on probation indefinitely and face league banishment for any future league violations. The two players are no slouches and are considered to be stars within the league. Caccavale led the league in interceptions and touchdown receptions while Dixon threw the most touchdown passes in the league and had the most rushing touchdowns.
It’s a shame that league is making this ruling because it puts the league on the fence. During the games, the women wear helmets, shoulder pads, and all the necessary safety equipment. When it comes to photo shoots, the women are usually oiled up and only wearing their satin lingerie.
God forbid these girls actually try and take their sport seriously and not always subject themselves to being a piece of meat. Perhaps a “wardrobe malfunction” will get these girls back in the league’s good graces and maybe get them a pay raise.

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