TUSCALOOSA, AL – University of Alabama fans have been viewing the football team’s award – at a Walmart!
The University of Alabama won the Bowl Championship Series against the Texas Longhorns on January 7. The team was presented with the Coaches’ Trophy, a $30,000 trophy topped with a football made of Waterford Crystal!

As part of a sponsorship deal, the team put the trophy on display at two different Walmart stores in Alabama for fans to pose with!

Somewhere between 6,000 to 9,000 fans showed up at just the Skyland Boulevard Walmart on Saturday to spend just a few moments with the award.
Rival teams’ fans have been poking fun at the location and stereotype of Alabama residents. One commenter wrote, “Fitting for the fan base”; another wrote, “Ah, the Mullet Nation. The gift that keeps on giving!!” However, the Walmart sponsorship deal had been set up long before the championship game, and had no bearing on which team won.
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6 thoughts on “BCS TROPHY AT WALMART”

  1. It is only fitting that the BCS Championship trophy be displayed first at Walmart, another of the most exploitive entities in America. Appropriately is should stand among the foreign made knockoffs.
    An unAmerican institution and an unAmerican system just go together.

  2. I, for one, was born in Alabama and am a fan of the tide. No matter where the trophy is displayed , the team won it and the people stereotyping Alabamians are just ignorant and jealous. if that makes you mad or you feel the need to critic it is more than likely because the tide rolled in your town and left with a victory!

  3. What ever Just rember that Yall were playing against a FRESHMAN and If COLT had not got injured TEXAS would have won. I'm not mad that yall won .Just watch out for next year oh by the way OU Still sux.

  4. I like how the one kid on the first picture is holding up 2 fingers, as to say Alabama is number 2 and the other kid is throwing up the HOOK EM HORNS SIGN with his hands….. HOOK EM HORNS m/


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