NEW YORK, NY – On Sunday, hundreds of New Yorkers flooded the subway pantsless!
No Pants Day is an annual celebration of not wearing pants and riding the New York City subway. The celebration was started in 2002 by the popular improvisational group Improv Everywhere.
Only 7 people participated the first year, acting nonchalant as they rode sans pants on the local 6 train. The ‘holiday’ has since grown every year, with hundreds joining in yesterday despite the 28 degree weather!
The only disrupt that has occurred was in 2007, when everyone, including the fully-clothed passengers, were removed from the train. 8 people were taken into custody, but a month later, a judge dismissed the charges! It is not a crime to wear your underwear in public in New York City.
Check out footage from last year’s celebration below:

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