LOS ANGELES, CA – Putting an end to speculation, former NFL great and 3-time retiree Brett Favre announced he ‘would’ be coming back to the league. However, ‘not’ as a quarterback.
“I love the league, I love the game, and I still want to contribute, but my playing days are over. I’ve never felt comfortable on the sidelines, but now I’m starting the new chapter of my career, exclusively on the sidelines…as a cheerleader.”
Many in the sports community were shocked that the NFL’s most durable quarterback ever would return to cheer on his teammates.  “I was shocked”, said one teammate.  Shoeless Joe thanked him for his candor.
Why?  Why would Brett come back as a cheerleader? Maybe it’s his unbridled love for the game.  Or his desire to participate on Sundays.  His wife even suggested it doesn’t suck to hang out with sexy girls in mini skirts.  “As long as he doesn’t make it rain with them, I’m all for it,” said his wife.
Said Favre, “I was approached by most of the major networks, and CBS, about joining their broadcasting team.  But I still have more to contribute to the game.  And it’s important I do that ‘on’ the field.”
This reporter thinks the move could be revolutionary.  And is it really so much different than NFL stars like Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith, and Michael Irvin participating on “Dancing with the Stars”?  NFL players know teamwork, moving in sync, and performing in front of crowds.  Who wouldn’t like to see Brett start the next trend in former players? Congrats on your new profession Brett.  Give me a B-R-E-T-T.
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  1. Brett — Dumb is you keep on retiring and then coming back in order to keep certain teams out of the playoffs. I swear only a fraction of your salary was paid by the Jets and the rest was paid through the collective pooling of all the d-backs in the NFL that wanted to get aboard the "pick" train!
    Cross-field pass coming up…..all aboard the held up in the wind wobbly duck express!
    ……………next stop an NFL town near you!

  2. Nice post, I'm a HUGE NFL fan, love watching it all sunday every sunday. I got my two tvs going usually and I put a few live streams online on my laptop and watch online as well. Look forward to reading more posts, keep up the good work.


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