WASHINGTON, DC – Just as Bill Clinton did before him, President Barack Obama is now getting help in the White House – from Abraham Lincoln’s ghost!
A government insider has revealed that Honest Abe’s apparition has been seen in the Oval Office on several occasions, quietly conferring with the President on vital world issues!
“When I read that Mr. Lincoln’s ghost has been meeting with President Clinton, I laughed out loud,” the insider said.
“But I’m not laughing anymore. I’ve seen the ghost and President Obama together with my own eyes. Believe me, it’s a very humbling experience.”
In a 1993 issue, Weekly World News stunned the world with its exclusive story that the Great Emancipator was helping President Clinton guide America’s ship of state through troubled waters. So it comes as no surprise that he is now advising Obama, especially considering their shared Illinois origins.
“It looks like old Honest Abe is going to stand at President Obama’s side all the way. I only wish he had been there to advise the President when he began dealing with this whole recession mess.”
The insider said White House staffers frequently see Mr. Lincoln strolling quietly through the halls of the East Wing, the library and presidential living quarters and when he accompanies President Obama into the Oval Office.
“When I first saw Mr. Lincoln with President Obama, he looked very gaunt…very sad,” said the Secret Service agent who first encountered the ghost.
“But now he looks like a new man. He stands tall and steady and he has a look of excitement in his eyes. It’s like he’s looking forward to a new beginning…and a healing of America’s economic and racial wounds.
“Somehow I get the feeling that Mr. Lincoln won’t be able to rest in peace until he gets to see the realization of the dream he had for America. A dream that was cut short when John Wilkes Booth shot him dead.
“I honestly believe that in Barack Obama, Mr. Lincoln knows that the day when the dream becomes a reality is right down the road ahead.”

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  1. If this strange report is true then it is no wonder that the world is on the brink of collapse. These aparisions are evil spirits posing as Lincoln , Roosevelt etc that they visited with clinton is of no surprise . Is Obama showing his true colours?

    • i think your wrong. Please don't take this the wrong way, but for me ghosts are real. Try visiting us here in the Philippines, and go find out yourself if it's real.

  2. Well I'm glad to hear that Abe is in a better mood now. I understand that the only advice he ever had for George was to go see a play.

  3. hmph. probably Abe's ghost told Obama to advance his and Old Senator Carey's monetary plan, like usual. And of
    Course, obama like all the president since lincoln and senator carey, fudged and declined….and even as a ghost Lincoln has about as much chance of getting successive presidents to listen to him as George Washington had telling the Congress and the ersatz statesmen NOT to form politicial parties and compete against one another…..the banks control everything….just like Jefferson feared.

  4. I'm sure the picture is "doctored" but I loved the comment that Peter O'Donnell? made Ghost of Lincoln told him to go to the Theater.


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