CLEVELAND, OH – A 75-year-old woman has admitted to killing a 25-pound fawn with a shovel because of the way it looked at her. Is there a deer uprising?
Witnesses have stated that Dorothy Richardson beat the fawn to death with a shovel after she caught it sitting in her flower bed. However, Richardson has said she feared for her life after the way it looked her in the eye.
Does she know something about these deer that we don’t? Watch her description of the incident below:

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19 thoughts on “WOMAN BEATS FAWN TO DEATH”

  1. I have notice that deer are becoming increasingly aggressive. My little poodle "Precious" is missing and I think a deer may have eaten it. The public needs to be warned.

    • People!!! deer are strictly herbivores!!!!! They eat corn and plants and such.LOL if your dog is missing I would think a hawk, fox or owl,got your precious. 🙁 I am sorry for your loss.

  2. My pit bull was in our back yard, and this morning he had bite marks all over him!
    We checked out the yard and found DEER TRACKS!
    We must protect our property against the attack of the wild Bambis.
    Today the deer, tomorrow the squirrels.

  3. I hope this idiot goes to jail. The poor thing was probably scared to death and then it's got some old lady beating it with a shovel. What was she thinking? And no offense but what does her husband being dead have to do with anything? Maybe we should beat her with a shovel and see how she likes it…

  4. Stupid excuses!! Makes no sense at all! If she is 75 then one would assume that she has heard of baby deer before and (should have) known that they are helpless and defenseless. I wanted to puke when I saw the satue of Jesus in her yard-Jesus doesn't know the stupid cruel likes of her!! She "feared for her life"??!!! Stupid ignorant liar! If there is justice in Ohio, she will not escape penalty just because her stupid self has lived 75 years. Throw the book at her! What an ignorant, backwards, moron!

  5. I hope she gets a lengthy sentence behind bars, and that animal loving neighbours "take care" of her precious bloody flowerbeds whilst she's inside.

  6. She's obviously "mental" or senile. Anyone who is so obsessive/territorial about their property that they would beat a fawn to death over it is deranged. And don't forget–she lied on video, saying "I just gave it a little tap, like this" (demonstrated).
    I don't care that she's 75, or senile, or a widow, ignorant, or anything else. She's just sick–what if a toddler came into her yard to pick a flower???
    I'm going to flood Ohio with emails to make sure they don't give her a "tap on the wrist." She belongs in a mental ward.

  7. A flower bed on human property is one of the dumbest places for a doe to leave her fawn. It's the Doe's fault for its poor choice of shelter for it's young. Score one for natural selection.

  8. Most of you people are crazy…Because of a dead deer you want to kill and elderly woman?? Was this the most precious deer in the world? Is there peace in the middle east hidden up his ass? or is it the last deer on the planet? If not take a step back and count how many deer are killed by hunters, poisoners and drivers. None of these people make the news, so I would like to know what is so special about this deer. Maybe you morons get off beating up on an old lady well I love that old lady she is my grandmother and you know nothing about her. You lames need a life or a woman or a man and need to leave my loving god fearing grandmother alone. E.Richardson

    • Dear Fortypac:
      I do feel sorry for you….you need to find out why your grandmother would do such a horrible thing to such an innocent little animal. For crying out loud, it only weighed 25 lbs! That's not much more than my little Jack Russell Terrier. I can not believe that little fawn would scare your grandmother into such a frenzy that she would beat it to death while it was crying. The look it gave her was that little creature's way of saying please show me compassion and help me. Why didn't she go into the house if she was scared and call someone to help her?
      Your grandmother must feel a great deal of anger in her life, otherwise she would not be doing something so horrible as this. God tells us to care for all his creation-that includes little defenseless animals. Yes, your grandmother should be god fearing. She will have to answer to him someday for this offense. Maybe the judge let her off easy but God will want to know why she did this.

  9. What is wrong with you people? She killed an innocent, little being. That poor fawn's mother may have been killed by a car, and that little baby went searching for it's mother -was scared and hid in a flower garden. If a person can kill an innocent being that just happens to wander into a yard, what will she do if a child destroys something on her property? That fawn weighed only 25 pounds-the size of a very, small dog. I cannot imagine that little fawn to be threatening. What was she smokin or drinkin? She has a statue of Jesus in her yard? Jesus tells us to take care of what he created. Did anyone think that those little eyes were searching for compassion and help? She may be there one day in a nursing home! I hope the good Lord never once lets that lady forget what she did-her community service should be picking up all the dead animal carcasses on the highways! Maybe then she will appreciate living beings.


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