LONDON – Michelle Obama was in the news again this week for an unusual ensemble she wore to Westminster Abbey with her daughters in London. The outfit, while colorful and interesting, was a bold step for the First Lady who is most often noticed for her fashion choices.

French First Lady and former supermodel Carla Bruni was quoted in Le Monde as saying, “If she wants to put looking good aside in favor of focusing on time with her daughters, I can respect that.  I wish I had the courage to go out in public looking like that.”

Incensed, Michelle Obama immediately challenged Carla Bruni to a Walk-Off.

Both First Ladies agreed to compete in a best of five Walk-Off to see who could wear their clothes best.  A complete media blackout was maintained as this was a non-UN sanctioned event.

Michelle Obama, a lawyer by trade, wrote out the agreement stating they would follow old-school rules.  Also included was a clause stating that Bruni, a well documented immortal, could use none of her mystic powers during the competition.  The document was signed and Michelle Obama utilized her sleeveless summer dress by flexing her guns to intimidate the French head of state.  Mrs. Bruni showed only indifference before flying to her dressing room.

Heidi Klum, Yves Saint Laurent, and David Bowie were tapped to be judges.  Tim Gunn, who happened to be there at the time, was allowed to officiate.  The two powerhouses of politics and fashion went head to head in their best five outfits to a select crowd of London’s elite.

The audience was stunned at the elegance and grace both women brought to the runway.  Summer, winter, and formal fashions showed refined taste, and the poise of competing world leaders.  In the final round Michelle Obama pulled into the lead with a fashion forward Jackie-O inspired ensemble.  Carla Bruni attempted to come back with a gold Roman-inspired evening gown.  However her sheer top clearly violated the international nipple rules.  David Bowie disqualified her immediately.

Impressed by each others poise and abilities Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Bruni have since made amends.  The two remain Facebook friends and most political scientists consider them strong “frenemies”.

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