TEL AVIV – An Israeli woman is searching through landfills after accidentally tossing her mother-in-law’s mattress that contained $1 million life savings!

The woman, identified only as Anat in the press, decided on Monday to buy her mother-in-law a new mattress as a surprise present. For full effect, she removed the old mattress and threw it out without telling the older woman.

When the woman informed her of what she had done, Anat immediately tried to retrieve the money, but trash collectors had already come and gone. Anat has since gone to three different landfills, with no luck.

She is currently searching through a fourth one, and the dump manager has said his staff is doing everything they can to help her. But with 2,500 tons of garbage coming in every day, it is unlikely it will ever be found. The manager has increased security at the site to deter looters from attempting to steal the money.

CNN has an interview with one of the trash collectors who tried to assist her:

[cnn-video vid=/video/world/2009/06/10/tst.israel.million.matress.israelch10]

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  1. Classic idiocy!! Wasn't it lumpy and funny smelling? Or were the bills individually wrapped like those freakin' Lil' Debbies coffee cakes I freakin' love! Too bad Pres. Bama man / the Catch-22 President is going to take Lil' Debbies from $1.19 to $15.00 per box!! He can't stand to look at fat people. Don't hide your money in a bed, hide it in the current federal government who'll then promptly pass it out to all your neighbors and fine you for not having it in a bank!

    • Classic idiocy! Turning a story about a woman who accidentally threw her moms mattress stuffed with money away into a political sour grapes campaign. You lost, suck it up. We put up with your administration far too long to be concerned about how difficult losing has been to you. Focus! Focus!

    • actually…this story is more of a parody of how Jews love to save $$$ and steal other peoples property…just ask a Palestinian!

    • 2nd pt to Dover: Since the true ones never got their turn way back when…it's gone down a very different timeline, a sad, stupid timeline that doesn't give us universal healthcare, an end to the fronts in Afghanistan and Iraq, or even better education / more field trips for kids…just more rhetoric and judging by your statement here more and more of a split and derision among common folk. I think they're always playing the race card to try and stir up trouble instead of looking at the things that need fixing – healthcare, education, foreign policy, etc…know the facts, Dover, don't assume I voted Bush/Cheney, assuming just makes an ass out of you and me,

    • My administration? I never ran the country?! I seriously voted Mickey Mouse for President, Goofy for Vice President, Daffy Duck for Secretary of the Treasury, Tweety Bird for Secretary of Defense, etc…because after the REAL President /VP (Kerry / Edwards) were cheated out of their offices / administration, by people who were a) appointed by the Supreme Court in one case and b) used the votes of children, animals, and dead people in the 2nd case, well I didn't much care anymore. As far as this new regime, Dover, really it's just a figurehead / puppet – a no-brainer as it were.

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