ANN ARBOR, MI – The nearly-perfect preserved remains of a baby mammoth are being studied at the University of Michigan.

‘Lyuba’ was a one-month old baby mammoth whose remains were discovered in the Russian Arctic in 2007. It appears she died quite suddenly, about 40,000 years ago. “She was doing great, very healthy,” says paleontologist Dan Fisher of the University of Michigan. “She just had this terrible misfortune.”


Scientists believe she either drowned or suffocated in mud next to a lake. The major significance of Lyuba’s existence, however, is that she is the  best-preserved mammoth ever discovered. Many partly-intact mammoth corpses have been discovered in Sibera, but nothing as remarkable as Lyuba. Her skin and internal organs are intact, and the only damage found were  bite marks from village dogs.

She is so well preserved that traces of mother’s milk have been found in her stomach, along with fecal residue. This was likely also her mother’s, fed to Lyuba to create a healthy microbial community in her gut, which is necessary for proper digestion. Such behavior has already been seen in modern herbivores.

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42 thoughts on “BABY MAMMOTH FOUND”

  1. Uhhhh……. hopefully not. Their time came to an end for a reason. If they find a T-rex, you want him running around too?

    • Yeah instinction BY HUMANS. Like all big animals from ancient time… it's such a pitty, they deserve the spot at this planet that we took from them. Right?

    • actually it was because of climate change and the amount of co2 in the air … look it up.

    • right — its man's fault. Blame Bush. He's responsible for the reduction of the polar caps on Mars too ya know.

  2. Personally i think it is wrong and immoral to clone animals, but hey whats 1 persons opinion because the government is going to do as they please.

  3. I think it would be amazing if they could clone a mammoth from the baby mammoth, and what would be really cool if they could find a different type of animal like a saber tooth tiger or a rino, how cool would that be ?
    Who knows what is waiting to be found in Siberia

  4. stupid people i say clone it cause if it was not for us they would be around and jus cause u dont like the idea maybe the goverment does bob!!!!!!! and i hear maybe mammoth veal is tasty thats gross u sick o

  5. i sey weh klone a preserved mammoth cawk soez we kan dew wut we dew best and eat mammoth seized penises for dinnar an brekfest an brunch an lunch an dinnar agen

  6. Slipped off into the mud? These creatures must have been the clumsiest creatures ever created ( evolutioned) The carcus would have decayed. They have already found hundreds of thousands of mammoths like this and estimate there are at least 3 million more. It was the Biblical flood. Massive water, came down from the covering and up from the deep reserviors. Removal of the covering caused the polar areas to quick freeze, trapping the animals in the muddy flood waters. Evolutionest avoid the flood like a plague.

    • Um…wipe one out? It's already wiped out. How would cloning change that? It's just not natural…oh how will it reproduce? Can it do it naturally?

  7. Paul clark, are you really that stupid? The article said that the mammoth died 40,000 years ago, long before the biblical flood. This is an excellent example of why we should clone the mammoth in the millions, then they can retake the Earth and man will become extinct, riding the world of the ignorance that is Paul Clark. If your going to post a comment, at least have some idea of what your talking about.

    • Michael are you stupid? Other articles reported that they had not yet dated the carcass and can only say it must be more than 10000 years ago, basing the figure on what they they "know" of mammoths becoming extinct at that time. They have still yet to radiocarbon date it (C-14). Radiometric dating has a half life of 5700 years. Do you just believe in something blindly because you read it in some article? Why so defensive? I think your evolutionist view of the world is coloring how you interpret this discovery, just as Paul's view of the world gives him a different interpretation of the same evidence.

  8. Oh, and think about it, it lived in the Ice Age. Where are you going to put it? Antarctica? Wasn't it a herbivore? Last time I checked, herbivores don't live in Antarctica because there are few plants there, if any.

    Paul dude, shut up. What makes you think that you will be right after REGISTERED and EXPERIENCED scientists examine it? Did YOU conduct the experiments? I sure hope not.

    Bob Crespo, what are you going to do, clone it, and then kill it?

    Again, the environment that it grew up in doesn't exist anymore. So if they clone it, it will spend its days in an artificial habitat inside a lab.

    • Ice Age merely refers to the age in which there were large ice sheets or glaciers covering the earth. There is nothing to suggest that it was as inhospitable to life as Antarctica, if the ice age equals Antarctica then how could they have survived it? Of course there are places in the present age where mammoths could thrive just as they did during the ice age, maybe you've never seen a world map.

  9. You people who say "no clone" i don't understand how you are thinking.

    There are vast areas in Greenland, Siberia etc. were they could live in peace with no disturbance from human society and vise versa.

    There are areas were animals cause disturbances for farmers etc. that wan't the animals killed. Do you think we should extinct elephants, tigres, wolfs, bears, lions etc. Huh?

    Such as all animals human have made extinct it was because of US rubbing the balance by overhunting etc. Do you think that we should continue our greedy way of living without respect for other species, extincting one after another????

    No!! All species that have come to an unfair end by HUMANS greed, it's a huge loss for the world, and now that we have the technique to give them another chance. Why not do that?

    • I support, the reincarnation or cloning of an extinct animals, however, the 'mammoth', was extinct due to radical change of climate, rather than the overhunting of humans. Well, if they do succeed, I won't stand in their way, but be happy.

      Although its a benefit to clone this animal, its far better to prevent the extinction of today's animals, due to overhunting, habitat destruction, or the natural climate change.

  10. It's not going to be possible to clone the giants of the past, not really. The environment is too different. The O2 levels have gone down and the ozone layer is different to begin with. It's the reason our plants are smaller today too. Less air means smaller lungs.

  11. it wont be fair on the poor animal if it gets cloned, its not like it'l have a happy life, the mammoth would be locked in a cage just for show….it wouldnt take long for the mammoth to become a commercial icon, or if breeding went well, they would be hunted for thier fir… think about it…. how much could you sell a mammoth hair coat for? trillions.

    If they do clone it, it should be adopted by some african elephants if theyre so closely related and let nature take its course… otherwise DONT CLONE IT AND TREAT THE ANIMALS THAT ALREADY EXIST WITH RESPECT!!!

  12. Pandas are severely endagered, steps are being made to repopulate and encourage thier exsistance… humans owe it to the pandas…. we do owe it to mammoths too, but its simply too late… pands are being released into the wild because there are slowly becoming enough of them…. imagine how long it would take to get enough mammoths ready to be released into the wild? it would take longer than it has to figure out that its possible to clone it! all the money spent on this project could be put to saving endagered animals… pandas, gorrillas, chimps, birds etc

  13. guys bringing something back from the past is a bad idea i know they are amazing animals and everything but they are gone i hate the fact that such beautiful creatures are gone but it would destroy what is supposed to happen the elephants we have now are built for the temp and stuff and also mammoths would need to eat a hell of a lot and with all the cities we dont hav enough plants to feed them and all of the other animals near where it will live. i hate humans for what we have done to the creatures that are now extinct but now we need to focus on keeping the animals we have now before they go too.

  14. Do it for the sake of science!!! We could learn a lot from this experiment shut the hell up if you think this is "bad" for the animal, it would lead to incomprehensible scientific advancement.


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