WASHINGTON, DC – Following a whirlwind romance, President Obama and New Hampshire Senator Judd Gregg have broken off their relationship.

It seems like only yesterday the happy couple was seen walking shoulder to shoulder through the halls of the West Wing, or dining together in the mess hall on the lower level of the Capitol Building.

“I really thought they were a good match,” President Obama’s Chief of Staff, Rahm Emmanuel told reporters.  “They didn’t agree on everything, but their contrasts actually complimented each other well.”

Lots of speculation has been made about the cause of the breakup.  Some of Gregg’s Senate colleagues think that the President didn’t want to be tied down so early in his Administration.

“He’s playing the field, seeing whats out there,” says one Republican Senator who requested he not be named.

Despite these allegations, what is certain is their differences, while attractive at first, have driven a wedge between the couple in the last week.

“It really hurt Barack’s feelings that Judd abstained from voting on Tuesday in favor of the stimulus package,” says Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin.  “It was really important to Barack, and he was hoping to have Judd’s support.”

“I heard he moped around the Oval Office for at least an hour after the vote.  It didn’t matter that the Bill passed; without Judd being a part of it, it felt incomplete.”

Speculation is running rampant on the Hill and Senators, known gossips, are spreading rumors and half-truths trying to save face on behalf of Senator Gregg and the President.

What they can all agree on is that while trying to be bipartisan is an admirable goal, in practice it is much harder to achieve.

Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia, the governing body’s oldest and longest serving member, who is also a renowned Senate historian, summed up the situation for reporters.

“They just ran in different circles.  It’s fun for awhile, but eventually it becomes more trouble than its worth.”

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