WASHINGTON, DC – The US has proposed engaging in direct diplomacy with Iran, and President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad appears happy to participate.

On his sixth day in office, President Obama said he wished to engage in diplomacy with the rogue state.  Not long thereafter, a large vase of flowers arrived at the White House from Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad.

The note on the bouquet did not state directly whom they were from.  But Weekly World News investigators have discovered the text of the note which reads: “Your words are sweet like baklava at the end of a 40 day fast.  Yours, MA.”  Sources within the intelligence community confirm this is most likely from Mahmoud Ahmedinejad.

Exactly what this message may mean is still up for debate.  Though staunchly conservative, Arabic cultures allow much more affection to be shown between male friends.  It is possible that this is a culturally mistranslated note of thanks for extending a diplomatic hand.  However, sources within the CIA confirm that Ahmedinejad is a huge Meg Ryan fan, so it is also possible he was feeling sentimental at the time.

Contained within the bouquet was a 1987 Casio cassette player microphone.  Whether this was intended to be a recording device or contained a mix tape to the President is still unknown.

The Obama administration has made no comment about the flower delivery.  Plans to dispatch special envoy George Mitchell to the Middle East are still under way, but Mitchell has been spotted stocking up on Russell Stover chocolate boxes.

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