LOS ANGELES, CA – The Governator isn’t exactly pleased with the way his fellow Republicans are handling the stimulus package!
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor of California, accused his Republican colleagues of blatant hypocrisy on the stimulus package. He says that they have railed against the jobs bill in public but they have not hesitated to pose for pictures for stimulus-related projects and ceremonies in their home districts.
In his appearance on ABC’s This Week, Schwarzenegger pointed out former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in particular for arguing this past week that the stimulus bill hadn’t produced a single “net” job gain.
“I find it interesting that you have a lot of the Republicans running around, and pushing back on the stimulus money saying, ‘This doesn’t create any news job,'” said Schwarzenegger. “And then they go out and do the photo ops, posing with the big check and the say: ‘Isn’t this great, look at the kind of money I’ve provided for the state and this is money to create jobs, and this has created 10,000 new jobs, this has created 20,000 new jobs, and all those kinds of things.’ It doesn’t match up.”
It’s hypocrisy, said host Terry Moran. “Exactly,” replied Schwarzenegger. He also called for fellow Republicans to work with President Obama to find solutions to the country’s problems.
“I dont want to beat up on my Republican colleagues, but I think it’s kind of politics rather than thinking about only one thing, and this is, how do we support the president?” he said. “How do we support him and do everything we can in order to stimulate the economy?”
A recent report has confirmed that the stimulus bill saved or created up to 2.5 million jobs and economists have agreed that the bill helped prevent a major depression. In addition, a research report by Think Progress found that 110 Republican lawmakers, whom voted against the stimulus, are guilty of stimulus hypocrisy by appearing at various ceremonies in their home states praising stimulus funds for creating jobs.
“Anyone that says this hasn’t created a job, they should talk to the 150,000 people getting jobs in California,” he added, “from the private sector and also from the public sector.”

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  1. The republican clique vs the democratic clique. Real good working system huh? I think that the people are ready to snap! everyone I talk to says they are sick of all this bull. It's like waiting for a straw that will break the camels back, and the republicans are trying real hard to break that straw. They do not care about this country as a whole working system, they only focus on the rich, and I mean super rich and anyone who can get in the loop. The middle class are bieng forced into poverty. Who is going to put the money back into the kitty? surely not the republicans and thier group. Ask around, and you'll get the same stories from people. Maybe the republicans can purchase some more automatic tellers at the stores, to put more people on welfare from lack of a job?

  2. Schwarzenegger is a democrat in republican's clothing, that fact that he thinks the tea party will dissolve soon speaks to his liberal left leanings. His and all liberals misconception of the tea party is confusing. Why a group of citizens gathering to protest about increased taxes isn't embraced wholeheartedly by every American citizen is beyond me. Good news is after his term ends he can fade into obscurity.

  3. We love you as an actor Arnie, but as a politician,"YOU SUCK"!!! Your states budget deficit is larger than some countries GDP. $41,000,000,000 and counting. That is "BILLION". Quit trying to please the wetbacks that are bleeding your state dry, and tell them, "HASTA LA VISTA BABY" while kicking their third world asses out of your state and locking the door behind them. That would show some backbone and would then enable other southern border state governors to follow suit.


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