WASHINGTON, DC – President Obama delivered his State of the Union address last night.  To make sure his message went across, he used mind control techniques.
Last night the President delivered his State of the Union address.  This was seen as an important opportunity to reassert his political message and regain political capital after a difficult first year.  Winning the trust of the American people was so important that the President used several methods of mind control during his speech.
Frame by frame analysis of last night’s broadcast reveals subliminal messages in the State of the Union.  During key points of the speech text would appear for only a fraction of a second.  When the President would mention the need for jobs, subliminal messages read “TRUST ME” and “TOTALLY BUSH’S FAULT.”
Discussing failed attempts at health care reform messages read “MY BAD” and “SORRY, I TRIED.”  Outlining his plans for the future the President was framed by phrases like “FOLLOW ME” and “EMBRACE MY DIVINE RULE.”  While mentioning Republican opposition to legislation, messages read “DON’T BE A JERK” and “SERIOUSLY GUYS, GROW UP.”
Also interspersed were subliminal images intended to reinforce the President’s message.  Single frames can be found in last night’s address of emotionally evocative images.  When discussing the “historic call to action” the country is facing, images were seen of Americans on bread lines during the Great Depression, America’s celebration of Victory in Europe, and Rosie the Riveter.  While outlining his future economic policies, motivational posters were seen, including the “Just Hang In There” cat.
Analysis shows that these techniques were also used by White House officials in the audio feed.  Buried in white noise, just barely loud enough for the brain to register subconsciously, the President’s speech was underscored by the sound of kittens purring.  If the President’s speech is played backwards is clearly plays Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds.”


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