The health care crisis in America will soon be so severe that millions of people will be standing in line behind dogs and cats… waiting for veterinarians to treat their ailments!
Already the shortage of doctors in rural America has closed clinics and left thousands of country folk with no medical care except for veterinarians, according to Nick Cooper, head of Americans for Better Health Care. The crisis threatens to get worse with each passing month as doctors quit practicing to avoid astronomical malpractice insurance.
“There’s going to come a time when half of rural Americans will be dependent on vets for medical care,” says Cooper, who is demanding federally funded scholarships for med students. Those already seeing veterinarians are too ashamed to speak up.
“They’ll be vying for appointments with sick cows, for Pete’s sake.
“Imagine what it’s going to feel like to walk into a doctor’s office and be told, ‘You’ll have to wait. The turtle was here first.'”
Veterinarians receive training in treating infections, physical problems like heart ailments and liver malfunctions, diseases, broken bones and countless other complaints.
They perform surgery and regularly prescribe medications for their animal clients that can also be used by humans.
Cooper says the shift from animal to human practice wouldn’t be difficult for the average competent vet – and will probably become necessary as health care for people becomes harder and harder to come by. But the switch won’t bode well for the future of health care in America, the health activist says.
“Within 10 years, many of us can expect to get antibiotics from our vets instead of our physicians,” Cooper says.
“We can expect emergency treatment for burns, cuts and broken bones at the vet’s office. We will even be making appointments for minor surgery with our vets, because the doctors will be so busy treating patients with major health problems they won’t have time to take care of everyday medical needs.
“Needless to say, if things get to this point Americans are going to be in bad shape. And America’s pets are going to be suffering, too, because vets will be too busy – and too expensive – to treat them.”
Cooper says taxpayers can head off the medical crisis by writing their Congressmen and demanding that the government provide access to universal health care.

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  1. This is a definitive love declaration to WWN!
    Brillant article, pulling all the emotional straps available and simply too good to be true.
    As a professional working in e-healthcare I'd love the idea of vets treating humans too (by the way they usually do – look at their kids and you'll see the results 🙂
    "No Sir, you have to wait in the line, the cow has a better insurance covering than you…"
    Remeber Gary Larson – It's always the cow who did it, always the cow!


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