BOSTON, MA – Bat Boy has been spotted lurking around MIT! Is he there to see his musical?

After being off the radar for some time, Bat Boy surfaced today on MIT’s Boston campus. The world’s most adorable mutant was seen hiding behind trees, watching a freshman game of frisbee golf, before scurrying up onto the Great Dome.

What is Bat Boy doing so far from his West Virginia caves? Although he is a fairly modest mutant, students believe he may be there to watch the school’s production of Bat Boy: The Musical, an homage to his life.

Are you in the Boston area and want to show your love for Bat Boy? Come on down to MIT’s Kresge Little Theatre and maybe you’ll see our favorite mutant shedding a tear.

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11 thoughts on “BAT BOY SPOTTED AT MIT”

  1. I still consider bat boy to be a menace to society. That little criminal stole my heart. I adored to performance at the theatre. But I still have my suspicions that the lead actor was none other than bat boy himself. I am certain we might hear about this soon. I hear he was up for a grammy.

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  3. Haven't heard of bat boy though. But is sounds pretty amazing, yeah sure it is edited this is just a promotional for a bat boy Musical you know…


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