Animals can be possessed by demons just like humans! But how can you tell?
Friendly family pets – dogs, cats, birds and even horses – have been taken over by evil spirits and changed into fiendish bloodthirsty beasts, say psychic researchers.
“The phenomenon has been known since before the Middle Ages and is well documented historically,” says famed paranormal investigator Ed Warren.
He recalled one case in Connecticut in which a retriever changed from a gentle dog to a fierce beast.
“It frothed at the mouth, its eyes red as coals. It repeatedly attempted to savage its master, biting him severely. And it had incredible strength!
“The vet could find nothing wrong with it. But later the animal came under possession a second time and an exorcist was called in.
“During the service, the dog stiffened, its eyes bulging. It growled and shuddered, then gave a low moan and relaxed. From then on the man had no trouble with it.”
In another case, in Allentown, Pa., a possessed house cat tried to kill its owner, Warren recalled.
A woman bought the cat and took it home, not know that it had been used in black magic rituals. One night she awoke to find the cat on top of her chest, fangs bared, ears laid back, snarling and spitting at her throat.
“A shadow loomed around the cat and the women felt she was suffocating. Gasping for breath, she prayed silently, ‘Oh, God, save me from this evil!’
“With that the cat leaped from her chest and ran out of the house. The evil monstrosity fled with it.”
Famed psychic investigator Shawn Robbins remembered one case involving a horse, the pet of a 9 year old girl in New York state.
“Some of the young people who worked in the stables became involved in a satanic cult and held rituals in the stables,” said Robbins.
“One demonic entity possessed the horse. The next time the little girl was riding, it suddenly bolted, races across a field and tossed the girl over a wall. Then, frothing at the mouth, it tried to attack her. Later the animal went berserk again.
“Two vets were unable to find anything wrong with it. By using an exorcism ritual, I was able to drive the demon out.”
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  1. While I think there is truth to animal possession (even Jesus sent demons into a group of pigs) this article is S T U P I D and so are the 7 signs listed above. MOST of those signs are NORMAL charactistics… a dog barking when someone walks by… HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHA
    DID I SAY S T U P I D?

  2. Dont you thing the animal is super piss.. and they one to be alone … like human sometime they get crazy too like killing people on a Mc,Donald on a beautiful sunday afternoon what are you call that evil for shure if you feed your self with violance there the chance to become evil too

    • Try anointing oil n ask IL and the name Jesus ask Jesus help you then ask thename of Jesus to help them too ok anoint them with oil

  3. 12 years ago my life fell apart got a new pup bui;t lost the mansion 2yrs kept the dog lost the wife lost the daughter, gog bites new gorlfriemds shoes, i lose evertthing dog still there wants out every night to reconnect with evil, move to new house dog still does all signs described above my life spirals down dog has euthanasia scheduled for tomoprrow i.e pound 13 years healthier than m,e as harry potter what is a common haealthy life of a rat? this dog still looks like 2 year old, and when i leave house is ripped up . last straw was 1/2 gallon 2liter coke capped tight and come back after 5 minutes and it is capped and nearly empty with a stare from her like ' i/ll kill you' she will be gone took my wife daughter, and 2 other dogs. don't think it aint or cant be true it is 53yrs old me do 13 bought at age 1 it all makes sense now. the need to go to thev woods, oddness bye bye dog but bless her, where doesthe spirit die with dog or leap? rsvp asap

  4. um i think my dog might be possesed. its always looking around at things. Thats not there. and it sniffs the air and then backs off like its scared also barks at things that arnt there then it looks like hes chasing something. Sometimes it comes to me then stands still and stops in its tracks and looks at me and opens its mouth a little. Its always hiding from people, or hiding under a bed.and when we leave the house it gets cords and chews them. what should a do about this is there someone that could take care of this for me.

    • I agree with Ashley, home has demonic force(s) residing in it, not the dog. Animals are more sensitive than humans to paranormal/demonic forces. You need professional help (of God), you will not be able to tackle this issue on your own accord. God bless

  5. Sorry about my english, Im from Portugal, and Im a bite scared because of my boyfriend's cat, I really think she's possessed, she starts starring át me in a really strange way, she Never was Nice but it's beginning to feel worst…. Because she was waiting for me on the dark in my bathroom like she was going to attack me …. And like i am the most religious person in this house I think that is way she is worst to me. And Also does some really weird noise… Im scared please, what can I do?

    • Don't take this the wrong way but if you are very religious why don't you bless your tap water in your house and bless the cat show the evil spirit that your not afraid and that you are a child of god and so the cat will either run away and take the evil spirit with it or you might be able to see the real good cat that is in it all the long. And if that didn't work you can always ask a priest to come and bless the home and drive the evil out of the pet. Remember evil only comes to those who seem weak, and easily influence.

    • Today, my female cat Mix attacked me when i took her outside. So i put her back in my house and she screamed and clawed me. Not to mention her razor sharp claws digging into my skin. She must have a uronary tract or something. I would reccomend taking her to the vet.

  6. my cat can legit say "no" he has left scars on me from trying to hold him when i do get to hold him he tries to visously bite me "punch" my face and more….he can answer yes no questions i was jokly asking hey hunter r u possesed n he screamed no as he bit my arm scratched my arm n "punched" me i need help

  7. During late nights early morning, I think my cat is possessed because everybody would be in their rooms and the rest of the animals would be asleep and all of a sudden he's literally jumping high as he can trying to touch the celing, basically throwing himself against the doors and the walls and meowing and howling. This morning it was around 5-6 a.m. and he was doing it again but, his eyes were pitch black and he was in a corner just starring at me and I said are you possessed and I threw water at him and was like this is holy water (jokingly) and he mewowed like I never heard him before and proceded to do his norming routines. I backed away because he was going to jump at me but, he didn't get the chane to. I've never had a cat that acted like this and I've had many before him.

  8. I've been a pet owner all my life and know from experience, yes, pets can definitely be possessed by demons! Demons are usually lazy. They want to achieve a physical presence in a household but humans are usually strong willed and so they look to pets as an easy target. My advice is if you're pet gets possessed, you need to get it taken care of right away or the demon will only gain strength! Either a psychic or a priest is your best bet (priests will sometimes work for free but be careful with priests because there can be a lot of red tape and many of them will refuse to perform exorcisms). In the meantime try to avoid eye contact with your pet and VERY IMPORTANT don't talk to your pet if you think it's possessed because the demon might just answer you back. Also, EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, treat your pet very humanely even if it's possessed. Remember that demons feed off of negative energy, so any mistreatment of the pet will only make the situation much much WORSE. Good luck to all of you out there with possessed pets! It's a big problem and a lot of pet owners are in denial!

    • This post is so old I don’t even think you’ll get my reply however if you do let me know what you would do about this problem I’m having with my cat I know for a fact that there is something within my cat because I’m having a problem with demonic activity in my home the reason and the way I know it’s happening with my cat is because his eyes his eyes flip back from regular cat eyes to yellow or white I can actually see them flipping I have photos of them also and when I hold my cat he won’t look at me he always turns his head and half his body and when he does that I try to get him to look at me but I’m afraid I will hurt him his body stiffens up however if I get him to look at me I will start saying that I love you and whatever else and then I’ll put him down and I’ll sit next to him and I’ll hold him down not with any Force and then I’ll start saying Jesus loves you God loves you Abraham archangel Michael and anytime I say anything biblical he gets really low to the ground like laying on the ground and starts meowing one after another but before I say anything biblical he’s not doing anything like that I’m afraid I’m going to hurt him if I continue with the biblical words however I did it one night for a few minutes and it seemed to help the next day he was more himself but then it went back to this I’m fearful now for his life he comes in and out of the house probably 10-15 times and he’ll walk to the food and then he won’t eat anything and he’ll walk to my door for me to let him out he’ll eat maybe three or four times out of those other times and that’s it I was thinking of putting him in a carrying cage and just reading Bible passages what do you think I should do to help him but nothing that may hurt him

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  10. I have four cats. First two are a bit affectionate at their own terms, our third we got when she was super tiny and barely half the age that was good to leave her mother cat, and the fourth who is super affectionate towards me. The third while we understand she's not going to be as friendly because she never had that much of a chance to be with her mother, I swear she looks demon possessed sometimes. Before we got our fourth cat she was distant and especially growl and hiss at me but when we got the fourth it looked like she just wanted to go kill someone. She settled down but it's never been the same. Now you can see that she's so uptight even if you go near her, she has these wide eyes that stare into you and this night especially she's been doing it a lot even when walking towards/past her. I was going to turn the light on in my living room since she was there and I think she was ready to attack me. I'm aware that it's likely other issues she has but damn if anything I think she's getting worse. :/

  11. I’ve been experiencing
    the feeling of bad spirits in my home.I see and hear a boys voice repeat everything I say in seeing images on my cameras that no one else can see, sitting and standing around me looking like they’re trying to hit me and hurt me my. Rottwieler Athena is very strange latley She has all the signs of a demon or a bad spirit that’s possibly. surrounding us, she barks at nothing she growls snarls her hair sticks up and soon after she Cries and is fearful licking around her mouth for several minutes at a time a few times she looks at me like she’s going to attack me. She never has but runs to me and jumps in my lap looking like she saw the devil..These bad spirits are pissin me off…

  12. It’s very scary to have a possessed pet especially cat. I wouldn’t want to experience living with such pet in my house. What I’ll do is put it up for adoption or just let it wander off in the desert. How do I cope with a possessed dog, especially when my kids are right there.

  13. I know demons are possessing my dogs their eyes turn big and black and most times after red they start acting possive and acting crazy and lastnight my little dog acting g like she wanted to attic me and she was breathing hard and trying to talk what do I need to do to get the demons out of my house and out of my animals…

  14. I have a cat that is 18 years old. She has not acted like our cat for the past 2 years. She does not attack physically, but I feel she does where I pick up on her energy & she just is not my cat anymore. We lived for 12 years in a haunted building. There was all kinds of activity there. One day I was calling to my cat & I sware it looked like something or someone was holding her back but of course no one was there. That freaked me out so I picked her up. I put her back down an watched someone or something pet her. I have never seen anything like this before. I could see her fur being rubbed. Since that day she has never been entirely the same. She wants to eat all the time where it is excessive & the Vet can find nothing wrong with her. She will stare at me & I literally feel like she is draining me. Her eyes actually look dead. She does not want any type of affection. I feel like I am living with a person instead of my cat, but this is something negative. The energy is bad. My husband has been home for the past 3 months & he tells me now that he is convinced there is a person inside her. He says she is not our cat anymore. I thought maybe it was her age but everything is fine with her. Nothing physically is wrong with her. I have thought about getting her put down, but I can’t seem to do that. I feel guilty for feeling this way about my cat. Her energy is so bad, but I feel I should muddle through this with her. Has anyone else ever sense this about an animal ? I am an empath & I know how I feel. Now my husband feel the same way . Any suggestions ????

  15. Hi i have two cats that are possessed by evil spirits what can i do to help my pets please let me know the evil spirits try to get my soul please help me so i can save my pets and me. thank u for ur time kimberly j fave


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