TOKYO – This year’s Japan’s Fashion Week featured not just new clothes, but an entirely new kind of super model!

Japan’s annual Fashion Week is known for it’s innovative designs and trends. This year, Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology debuted their own revolutionary redesign – of the model herself!



4 thoughts on “ROBOT SUPER MODEL”

  1. This freaks me out, what are they going to do when some guy wants to hump it (or if some lesbo wants to make out with it). Can't wait to see the movie where these things try to kill us! Oh, wait, never mind. How 'bout the movie where it has human emotions, uh Dammit! I give up…

  2. we have been able to domesticate cattle, dogs and to some degree cats, now thankfully we can brag about being able to finally domesticate our females albeit a "robot". Imagine boys, I bet it has a mute button somewhere….Yee haw !!! imma getting me one these.


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