SVALBARD – The skull of a sea monster that scientists are saying was the most fearful animal to ever swim the ocean was discovered last year in the Arctic.

The fossil remains of this sea reptile were excavated from the permafrost of Svalbard, a group of islands in the Arctic Ocean. Dubbed “Predator X”, the creature was at least 50 feet long and weighed at least 45 tons. It is now believed that the animal was not a dinosaur but a pliosaur, a large, short-necked reptile that lived 147 million years ago.

While it is not the largest sea creature ever found – that would be the 75ft ichthyosaur – Predator X was extremely deadly. It had a ten-foot jaw with a bite force of 33,000 lbs per square inch. To put that into perspective, the Tyrannosaurus Rex 3,000 lbs per square inch. It could have crushed a Hummer!

Predator X also had two hind-fins, which scientists were confused by, as only the front set are necessary for swimming. However, it was deduced that these back fins gave the creature an extra boost of speed when it went in for the kill.

The shape and the size of the brain most closely resembles today’s most perfect predator: the great white shark.

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  1. Wow when I first saw the commercial in T.V I was stunned on the size of this animal and I thought that this predator was an land animal but no as I read the story just now its an sea animal or an pliosaur, and I thought this was some kind of spinosaurus as the records say that it is now the biggest meat eating animal that ever lived, but no this sea animal is 10 times bigger than spinosaurus, all I can say is wow this is a major and perhaps one of the biggest discovery in the world of paleontology

  2. Wow this animal is big and I even thought that this was an dinosaur or an land animal but no this was an pliosaur, and it was 20 times the size of T Rex and when I saw its bite force with 33,000, this animal is definitely the biggest predator that ever lived this earth. And only to find out till now, this is maybe the biggest and the most stunning find for the world of paleontology.

  3. Wow this animal is big so far its mouth is a monster, this is definitely the biggest discovery in the world of paleontology, and with a bite force of 33,000, The T Rex wont even get close with its tremendous force.

  4. Hey, wouldn't it be great if somebody created a theme park where we could bring these fascinating monsters back to life by recovering their DNA?

  5. God JackiecB can u read its a pliosaur you don't know its not not dum dum an Ichthyosaur- that's the biggest on record at 75ft you idiot and its also an ocean dwelling pliosaur not dinosaurs at all and its from the Jurassic period so yes you and your dum offspring will not run into one

  6. err readsalot what about the loch ness monster? lol , it hasnt been proven they dont exist just yet , look at the coaleacanth? and it wasnt the largest to raom the seas leiplurodon (or however its spelt) would have hunted predator x

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  8. Hey Scoosa Lipleurodon was not the biggest predatory sea creature as it only got to be about 30 feet in length and had a skull size of about 1.5 meters and there saying that "Predator X" had a jaw length, not the entire skull, of 10 feet (thats just over 3 meters) and thats a third of leipleurodons total length. So in a nutshell Predator X would have kicked Leipleurodons a**. If you watched BBC Walking with Dinosaurs and got your info from there they over exaggerated with Leipleurodons size and paleantologists proved that they did.

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