MILAN, MI – A Weekly World News reader sent in this chilling discovery: possessed ice cream!

Lee Saborio of Milan, Michigan contacted Weekly World News after discovering the evil ice cream in his bowl. Lee explained, “I was having an early evening snack.  Both my wife and mother ‘believed’ the skull was a sign pointing to the nutritional value of ice cream as a food (none).

“I searched the receipt and ‘product numbers’ on the ice cream boxes for some numerical signs (666, preferably), but found none; the only thing on the receipt was some chain of numbers at the bottom which contained the number ‘999’.”


As one can clearly see, there are two brown eyes, the visible outline of a skull and a mangled beak.

What could have possibly possessed a demon to, well, possess ice cream?

Lee believes it may have to do with the time of year. “It was Shrovetide (or the beginning of) yesterday, which has something to do with Carnival before Lent.  I understand Carnival is sometimes translated from the Latin (carne vale: farewell to meat).”

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