UPDATE – Obatma is spending the first day of Kwanzaa with the Obama family!

Obatma, Obama’s half-bat half-brother, arrived yesterday in Honolulu to spend time with his newfound family. He was wearing a scarf bearing the pan-African colors of red, black and green, and carrying one of the Kwanzaa candles.

President-Elect Barack Obama briefly spoke to a small group of journalists a few blocks from his home, stating, “While our main celebration is Christmas, we were more than happy to join my brother in honoring his first Kwanzaa in these United States.”

When asked if there were any hiccups, Obama laughed and explained, “While our girls aren’t allowed to play with matches, Obatma was too excited about lighting the kinara for us to deny him. If I can admit I was wrong about the surge, I can admit that that was not our smartest decision. He was so nervous he dropped the candle and set the tablecloth on fire.”

Through tears and sign language, Obatma promised to use his allowance money to buy a new tablecloth.

December 25, 2008

HONOLULU, HI – Obatma has arrived in Hawaii to spend the holiday season with his new American family.

Although the Secret Service has clamped down on President-Elect Barack Obama’s holiday home, Obama was photographed yesterday spending time with Bat Boy.

Now a new picture has been released by a photographer who caught this heart-warming moment of Obatma arriving at the home. As the newly discovered half-bat half-brother of Barack, Obatma was invited to spend the holidays with the family.

It appears that the mutant has acclimated quickly to American culture, and decided to celebrate the African heritage holiday of Kwanzaa!

Check back tomorrow as Weekly World News works tirelessly to bring you updates.

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