SENECA FALLS, W.VA – America’s favorite mutant was spotted in line this weekend to see the movie Milk. A West Virginia equal rights group invited the boy to help promote their message of equal rights for all, including mutants.

The atmosphere outside of West Virginia’s first showing of Milk was festive, like an Appalachian Mardi Gras.  People from throughout the state congregated outside the Seneca Falls 6 Movie Theater and Dry Cleaners, the largest theater in the state, to support the movie’s message of equal rights and tolerance.  Bat Boy was very excited for the opportunity to make friends.
Milk is a new movie about the life of Harvey Milk, the first openly gay elected official.  The West Virginia based equal rights group Appalachians Embracing Diversity sponsored the event, inviting members of the state’s LGBT and mutant communities.  Bat Boy soon seemed at home surrounded by people who didn’t hide being different.
The tragic drama starring Sean Penn may have been too much for the precocious boy’s attention span, as halfway through the showing Bat Boy was seen in the parking lot catching mosquitoes with two drag queens and a lizard man.

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