Dark rumors about a creature capable of existing in the dead waters of The Great Salt Lake have been circulating since the late 1800s. Wild tales of a creature with a horse head and a crocodile body have been whispered about among local families for years. Even full-sized whales were supposedly relocated to the salty shores! Ocean fish and lobsters have been introduced in the past as well. They died, quickly overtaken by the 27% salt content that the lake contains.

It is popularly thought among researchers that no creature other than brine shrimp could stand the salt concentration. Science had once again been proven wrong! Weekly World News has the exclusive with a local man that has undeniable proof and pictures to prove the existence of a formerly undiscovered species.

“Long days of dealing with the whims of a mentally deficient Vice President of a medium sized company turns a gentleman to the comforts of the bottle.” Kent Neigh explains with reverence. “I come out here often to gather my thoughts and reflect on a busy week.”


Last month, on just such an occasion, Mr. Neigh experienced something that many residents have only heard legends about.

“I spotted some movement in the water about 100 yards away or more. Thought it was a soon to be dead seagull floundering in the salt water. Twere’nt. This thing had a wake behind it! I misjudged the distance. It was over 300 yards away, and huge! I grabbed my phone and fumbled for the camera app. I opened Words with Friends by accident. Saw it was my turn, spelled “hot-diggity” quickly, then opened the gall’derned camera. Was able to get a few candid pictures of the creature before he went under the water and disappeared.”

Neigh has been out at the lake every weekend since the encounter, hoping for another glimpse of the majestic creature. In doing so, he has interacted with a small, proud community of lake watchers doing the very same.

“It was the stories I heard of the creature rescuing people from burning cars here along I-80 that captivated me.” Oscar LeMonde goes on to say, “It’s an altruistic being. You don’t always get that in a lake monster. Makes this one unique. Much classier than all of those other cryptids combined! It reflects the community values we have here.”


Mr. LeMonde had in his possession a much clearer photo that was of high quality than the photos in Mr. Neighs collection. Weekly World News took this high-quality photo to our lab for further processing. Below is a blown-up version of the astounding results.

Weekly World News presented this amazing photo to Neigh and LeMonde.

“Would you look at that!” Whistled Neigh, “It’s exactly as I remember. Look at that leathery skin!”

“The majesty of this creature is spilling over in this photograph. Many times more charismatic when you catch a glimpse in person.” LeMonde continues, “It is the most beautiful thing I have every seen. Excuse me, I need a moment…”


The Great Salt Lake Monster has yet to be given a proper scientific designation, but the locals affectionately refer to him as Norman. This may not be entirely accurate as the sex of the creature has yet to be determined, nor is it known whether the creature identifies as male, female, or something entirely different all together. 

Weekly World News will be following developments as they arise.

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