JERUSALEM – A fish invading the shores of Israel has been nicknamed after Hezbollah’s leader! NASRALLAH FISH

The fish was unknown to Israeli scientists until 2001, when they began to arrive in droves through the Suez Canal from the Red Sea. Now the country’s coasts are overrun!

“They’ve had a population explosion,” said Dani Golani of Hebrew University. “They are producing more offspring than the environment can handle.”

Israelis soon found a suitable name for the problematic species. “They are so dangerous, one sting can kill a person or leave them paralyzed for weeks,” said Moti Mendelson, a marine researcher. “There are many of them – like Hezbollah soldiers.”

Hezbollah are the Shi’a militia in Lebanon, who first emerged in 1982 during the Israeli invasion. Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah responded to the fish’s naming, stating:

“Israeli researchers surprisingly call this Nasrallah fish which must mean handsome and cute, apparently they think it about me.”

Unfortunately for Lebanese citizens, the Nasrallah fish are likely to be moving into their waters as well. What will it be called then?

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19 thoughts on “NASRALLAH FISH”

  1. Those fish you nicknamed Hezbollah soldiers with their nicely appearance and deadly stings are sent by God to your coasts to warn you of your recently criminal piracy at international sea waters and to give you deadly stings should you dare to repeat your criminal acts and invade again the territory of God in south of Lebanon.God and his party members, Hezbollah are now more determined not to be taken by surprise as you did in July 2006 , and late 2008 in Gaza with Hezbollah's cousins Hamas .God wants to send you a message that you are not any more his preferred people because you committed inhumanely massacres to Palestinians and Arabs more than the nazy Germans did to you in Holocausts ..( Aladdin from Beirut).

  2. …So you called those fish "Nasrallah Fish".You admitted that these fish were as dangerous as Hezbollah guerillas in the battle fields during 2006 war.Your obsessions and fears of fighting Hezbollah soldiers in war combats, face to face, and man to man were behind of naming these fish as "Nasrallah Fish".Make no mistakes, Israeli cowards, that any new invasion to Lebanon, brave Hezbollah fighters would make your soldiers flesh baits and food for such fish.

    • ATT salim abdullah)
      he will burn u all in hell lollll
      and dont call ur self that name to show ppl that u r a arbi we all know u not,,,,,

  3. all israelian should believe that Nasser Allah is not only a fish He is a Big Shark if someone try to tough his country Or his believe.
    Always Nasser Allah trying to forward a clear message to All Jiwish In Israel save your money to go back to your pure country Plastain is not for one region or for Arab its a country for The plaestinian eithar Cristain or muslim or Jewish
    So Now I have one question for you did Mr. Nasser Allah layed on you before ???? I think you will say NO
    so you have to believe him and leave this country to them family.
    Many regards for Mr. Nasser Allah

    • I Know and everybody knows that dogs don't attack owners but strangers and so Nassrallah fish.I'll tell you secret you haven't met YET MOKHNIA'S BIRDS AND MEHDY'S SOLDIERS THAT THEY ARE INVISIBLE, and they are much more dangerous than fish so be carfull and leave the land you occupited and give it back to their owners before it's too late dear friends.
      advise for free.

  4. hehe!swear u people in israel are funny and stupid…for how long u will live in illusions! pallestin will return and time will show u this fact!anyway we "in hezbollah " will force u to go home ,we will sting u each and every time we have the chance…and also we will creat chances for that!ur end is near!now its fishes on ur coast and tomorrow our soldiers will hunt u even in ur sleep….heheheheee!u cause pitty believe me!

  5. hahahhahah,,,very nice fish its the same like hizbollah mens ,,and its carry a msg that this fish have learned how to be nice from out side and very dangerouse if some body try to touch her ,,,hizzbollah is now the israel gouset for ever,,,,,,alllah yhmehon,,,,,

  6. Why are you erasing the funny stuff and leaving the weirdy zealot stuff? I had 3 messages here and now you've erased all but one…why?

  7. You have that this stuff's being approved by the admin—what the H? I see that you're allowing ONLY people that curse? Hmmm…if I don't see this particular message still here in 2 days, you've just lost one of your best customers ever…and I thought it was bad when you all went off the shelf – I knew I was right! Just didn't know HOW right! Bummer. Please go back to regular print – at least in THAT media I loved you guys. Now, not so much. I predict that if you do keep up erasing everyone but zealots this mag will be non-existent before the end of 2010.

    • Thank you!! I was thinking you didn't care about readers but happy to see you kept this here now I can feel that you all still have some integrity and I can keep being a reader 😉 My sincere apologies for my earlier outbursts.

  8. 1st of all these fish are called saltwater catfish, and they travel in packs, large packs.. Yes, they have a sting, but it will not kill anyone. I have been stung by these fish many times, and I am still here. As for calling the fish a Hezbollah’s leader, Don't degrade these fish like that. These fish are majestic and beautiful. There are people who try to strike fear in others, however there are others that fear none.

  9. Assalamu Aleykum everyone who is on the fair side.
    Note that I didn´t write " Assalamu Aleykum everyone who loves Nasrallah" even if I´m a Nasrallah lover myself. The message I want to transmit is: I´m on the fair side and that doesn´t mean that I have to love every muslim in this world although I´m a muslim myself. When you are on the fair side, it doesn´t matter which religion or gender or anything elese a person have.
    When I help a human , I don´t care if he/she is a muslim. If he/she is an arab. I help him/her because she is a human, just like me.
    What concerns the Nasrallah fish… Well, I think that Nasrallah is too good to be such a fish, but he has accepted that the Jews called him so. Nasrallah is more honest than all the Jews. Leave Palestina, an advice from me to every Jew in this world. Leave Palstina before Nasrallah force you to leave it on their own way.
    Labbayk ya Hussein! Labbayk ya Nasrallah!


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