A farmer discovered a massive egg in his chicken coop, and filmed cracking it open to discover what was inside. Is it real?
An unidentified farmer had his wife videotape him cracking open an abnormally large egg they had found on their farm. The results? An egg within an egg!
Some viewers doubt the authenticity of the tape. Is it even possible? An egg within an egg was found in New South Wales, Australia, in 2004, as well as in New Zealand in 2007. And one parakeet in Switzerland was x-rayed to find an egg within an egg within an egg!
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4 thoughts on “CRACK THE BIG EGG”

  1. I think it's a hoax and he constructed the bigger egg around the smaller, it wasn't shaped right and it's impossible. I've seen 2-3 yolks in one egg but I seriously doubt that an entire, hard shelled egg was hidden within a hard shelled egg. Malformed yes, completely formed and relaid no.

  2. i also think it's true…. there are also remnants of the own twin embrio found in humans, why shouldn't this be exactly the same (well kind of lol)…. or natures answer for a chicken's womb's constipation???
    In anyway… looking at this huge egg and thinking about the poor chicken that layed it … OUCH!!!

  3. "the big egg is bigger" derrrrr! also it might be true but the big egg looks less egg shaped and yes they freaken should have saved it! also it seemed very likely.


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