LOS ANGELES – Rockers and rollers rejoiced today when Guns N’Roses announced their Appetite For Projection tour starting in LA in the Spring of 2020. The boys will make stops in 14 countries including Japan, China, North Korea, Bangladesh, Syria, and Greenland. The tour will feature songs from their new album Projected Earnings as well as favorites from other albums.

Slash, Steve Adler, Izzy Stradlin, and Duff McKagan reunite for their first performance together since 1990. The band will be joined on stage by the holographic image of 25-year-old Axl Rose.    Engineers and technicians at Hologram USA have worked for over 3 years with footage that captured Axl at the height of his talent. 


In 2014 Alki David founded Hologram USA when he bought the patent for the hologram technology.  David’s state of the art technology previously resurrected Elvis, Tupac, and Michael Jackson. Their posthumous productions satisfied fans and investors alike, delivering consistent, inexhaustible performances and steady revenue.

“It’s wonderful to be able to bring these superstars back to life,” said David to reporters outside the Rainbow Room. “I’m sure this is what Axl would have wanted.”  

The kickoff party at the infamous bar this evening was a who’s who of Hollywood rock n’ royalty.  All the members of GNR attended and the crowd even got a sneak peek at the guest of honor when the Holographic Axl took the stage and performed a tear-jerking rendition of Oh Danny Boy. 

The party only took a turn for the worse when the apparently still alive Axl Rose forced himself through security and into the bar. Axl caught Mr. David completely by surprise. Even failing to recognize the faded star facing him in anger.  “I’m floored. I genuinely had no idea Mr. Rose was still alive.” Security quickly stepped in, breaking up the party and calling an end to another day in Paradise.

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