Weekly World News is proud to present the first woman in this holy feature on lesser known saints.
For this installment, we bring you:
Saint Frances the Frizzy
Patron Saint of Bad Hair Days

Saint Frances rose to fame during a mission trip to South America in 1974.  Based out of a Boston convent, Frances was lovingly teased by her fellow sisters for her massive frizzy hair.  Some even speculated that she had joined the nunnery for an excuse to wear a habit at all times.
During her trip Frances’ mission attempted to help villagers caught between a military dictator and a violent insurgency.  Military checkpoints were set up to keep people from bringing any aid into the country, or taking anything out.  Taking off her habit Frances was able to hide food and medicine for the village in her massive fro.  When it was time to leave Frances, making several trips, was able to smuggle several orphaned infants out of the country, each carefully nestled in her frizzy locks.  Her massive hair saved many lives, held aloft by the native humidity, and Jesus Christ.
To this day Saint Frances the Frizzy is the patron saint of bad hair days, large hair, and high humidity.
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